[Seoul] Pre-Wedding Photo in Korea with Studio Wonkyu+ (Day 1)

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Over the past few months, I have been busy planning my own wedding (yes, I am getting married this year! Woohoo~). As a bride-to-be and “chief” of wedding planning, I understand how stressful and frustrating things can get. There are millions of things we need to decide on and the to-do list just seems never-ending. It doesn’t help if you’re an organized person or control-freak. The pressure is always going to be there, until the big day. Do I have to tell you how much more difficult it is to plan an overseas wedding? (Yes, we are flying back to my home country, Taiwan, to host the wedding). Of course, I hired a professional wedding planner in Taiwan to help take care of the nitty-gritty, but there are things she just can’t help me decide.

Pre-wedding (or engagement) photo-shoot is among one of them. “The world is your backdrop. With infinite destination to choose from, take your pick!” If you’re a fellow bride-to-be, you know things are a lot more complicated than that. “What about the photographer? Which dresses am I going to bring? How about the makeup artist? Who is going to arrange the transportation?” Yada yada yada. Among the millions of details you need to resolve, the very first question you need to ask yourself is…. “Do you prefer indoor or outdoor?”

Kev and I reached a consensus that we want the photo-shoot done indoor. Standing under the blazing sun (or in the snowy cold weather) for 5+ hours is just not our style. That narrowed down our options. A. LOT. We could hardly find any indoor studios for wedding photos in Canada or Taiwan. Lucky us, we came across Studio Wonkyu+ Taiwan office just in time to help us fulfill our dream 😉

Source: Studio Wonkyu+ Taiwan Website

Source: Studio Wonkyu+ Taiwan Website

What is Studio Wonkyu+?

Based in Seoul, Korea, Studio Wonkyu+ has gain its fame by its appearance on the Korean variety show “We Got Married!” Its portfolio of celebrities wedding photography has introduced Korean concept wedding photoshoot and setting a trend in Asia. Two years ago, the company set up its Taiwan office and started offering one-stop-shop package for young couples to take wedding photos in Korea.

What does the package include?

The package typically includes:

  • Photography Studio: Couples can choose one of the four studios- Masterpiece, Difference, Noblesse or Maiden, each with a unique theme. Photos are taken primarily indoor, with a few outdoor scenes. It promises to have its A+ photographer and assistant responsible of taking the photography.
  • Wedding Dress Shop: Couples can select from a list of renowned designer wedding dress shops which offer both bridal dresses and menswear. At the dress shop, bride can choose 2 white gowns and 1 evening dress, whereas groom can choose 1 suit.
  • Beauty Salon: Again, a list of salons that offer hair and makeup services will be provided.
  • Translator: An English or Chinese translator will accompany you throughout the whole process. No need to worry about language barrier!
  • Bridal Attendant: One bridal attendant will accompany on the day of photo-shoot to help the bride and groom get dressed and put on accessories.
  • Transportation: Transportation will be provided to take you from hotel to dress shop/salon/studio
  • Accommodation:  2 nights at a 4-start hotel or 3 nights at an apartment. A list of accommodations will be provided. 
  • End Product: all digital files, retouch of selected photos, a 30-page album, and a 100 cm x 67cm acrylic photo print, with shipping included.

*Offerings may vary. For the latest offering, please contact Studio Wonkyu+ Taiwan office

Enough of the details. But do you see why Studio Wonkyu+ appealed to me? Everything is included and taken care of. All I needed to do is 1) pick the studio, dress shop, salon and accommodation, 2) select the date, 3) pay, and 4) show up on the day! Completely stress-free!

This summer, 5 months before our wedding, we flied to Seoul to have our pre-wedding photos taken. The day before the photo-shoot, we visited the dress shop, Rosa Sposa, which have been chosen by numerous Korean celebrities for their own wedding gowns.



First, we went to a private dressing room to select bridal dresses! After telling the manager the style I preferred, she brought in a few dresses for me to try on.

Romantic in style, the dresses tend to be have more luxurious detailing and exaggerated hemline to accentuate the bride’s figure. Below are the few dresses I put on to give you a sense of the design at Rosa Sposa 🙂





After making the tough decisions to pick only 3 dresses, we headed towards the men’s section to select Kev’s suit~




Since our package only included one suit for the groom, we brought along an extra one to add some elements to the photo. Let’s skip the classic suits. We all know how they look. How about some funky ones?




Woooo~ I liked this last one! He looked like a royal prince, didn’t he? 😛 We ended up paying a little extra (60,000 won) to rent it. It was gonna be fun!!

That ended our day at the dress shop. Next week, I will continue to show you what happened the next day at our photo-shoot 🙂

About Studio Wonkyu+ Taiwan

Address: No.47, Ln. 84, Sec. 3, Xinsheng N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei, Taiwan (Sunday & Monday closed)
Tel: 0978-756-208 / 0975-971-008
Email: info@wonkyutaiwan.com
Website: wonkyutaiwan.com

About Rosa Sposa

Address: 서울시 강남구 청담동 3-7 서림빌딩 3F
Tel:  02-3443-6555

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  1. Hi there! Glad I came across your blog. I am going to Korea for my prewedding photoshoot next year at Studio Wonkyu and I was wondering if you could share your trip’s itinerary if you still have it? I’d be forever grateful 🙂

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