Banff Food Guide: Discovering The Best Places To Eat And Drink In Banff

So, you make it to the Canadian Rockies and wonder where to find the best food in Banff. You’re in luck! Having been to Banff so many times, we have tried tons of restaurants and discovered a few of our personal favourites. This guide not only rounds up the top restaurants in Banff, but also highlights the food and drink festivals to expand your palate and senses!

Cochon555 Foodie Event Banff
Wild Grizzly Bear in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

[加拿大秘境之旅] 班夫國家公園自由行攻略,帶你輕鬆玩轉洛磯山脈

加拿大風光明媚,好山好水,是喜歡大自然、戶外活動的朋友出國旅遊的首選之地!其中,最知名的景點非班夫國家公園 (Banff National Park) 莫屬。高聳的山峰、碧綠的湖泊、壯麗的冰川和眾多的野生動物,能讓你感受大自然原始的呼喚。住在卡加利的我們,很慶幸能與班夫國家公園為鄰,領略當地醉人的四季風情! 今天特別心血來潮,分享這篇班夫國家公園夏日自由行攻略,網羅加拿大洛磯山脈必去景點、美食、交通及住宿。除此之外,還有完整的行前準備和路線規劃,教你如何安排班夫五天四夜自由行!