[Seoul] Pre-Wedding Photo in Korea with Studio Wonkyu+ (Day 2)

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After a good night’s sleep, we woke up early the second day getting ready for our wedding photography with Studio Wonkyu+ in Seoul, Korea. At around 8am, our translator, Sandra, picked us up at our hotel and sent us to Soonsoo to have our hair styled and makeup done. Located in the affluent Seoul district of Gangnam, Soonsoo is a beauty salon frequently visited by Korean celebrities, as evident by the autographs on the wall!! We might not be a super star in real life, but we were definitely treated like one that day!


Let’s get to the business! First on the agenda… cleansing then hydrating the skin with facial mask.


After a good 30 mins of revitalizing my skin, I was brought into a VIP room to have my makeup done by a professional makeup artist. Look at all the cosmetics laid in front of me! Before we started, the makeup artist inquired the look I preferred. I requested for a more exuberant look since I was under the weather that day :'(


Next, I went downstairs to have my hair fixed by an experienced hairstylist who have assisted numerous top stars, including SNSD!! In fact, we saw Jessica from SNSD that day at the salon, but I didn’t want to intrude and ask for a photo while she was busy talking to the staff… >.<


Are you wondering where Kev was? Since he didn’t really need any makeup, he had been waiting for me at the side up till now. As I was getting my hair curled, he was transforming into a boy band idol!


Selfie time 😀 With his hair lifted up, Kev looked so hip and young!!


One last thing before we left – getting dressed. We met up with our bridal assistant, a middle-aged lady whom we addressed as ajumma. She delivered all the gowns and suits we picked out the day before to the salon and assisted us in gown-fitting at Soonsoo’s dressing room.


Photo time!!! The four of us (Kev and I, plus Sandra and ajumma) crammed into a taxi and arrived at Wonkyu+’s Noblesse studio. Out of the 4 photography studios, Noblesse is the most vibrant and cheerful. Under the concept of “Love Virus”, the studio utilizes vivid colors and natural, everyday settings to capture the romance and lovesome chemistry between the couples 🙂

While we were waiting for the setting to be cleared up, we met our photography assistant, who “secretly” took snapshots of us. As you could tell, we were enjoying every moments of it (for not standing under the sun or cold? Hell ya!) These photos reminded us of the good time and became a priceless memory for us 🙂





And… she didn’t stop there. She continued to be a fervent paparazzi while we were on the set! 😀






Wow, these photos are high quality enough to be our pre-wedding photos. Are you excited to see our “real” photos? Below are a few we love and want to share with you 🙂 You will notice that instead of surreal elegance and unnatural pretension, the photos reflects playfulness and our youthful vibrant personalities.






Within 5 hours, our photoshoot had completed! Truly fast and furious!! Our translator, Sandra, told us that our photographer is a top notch photographer in Studio Wonkyu+. He knows how to make couples feel comfortable in front of the camera, teaching them how to pose and capture the critical moments, minimizing excess posing and waiting time. I hope you love our photos! If you’re getting married soon, here’s an one-stop-shop stress-free option for you to consider 🙂

About Soonsoo

Address: 서울시 강남구 청담동 5-9 예전빌딩 1~2층
Tel: 02-518-5704~5

About Studio Wonkyu+ (Seoul)

Address: 서울특별시 강남구 청담동 3-7 2층
Tel: 02-518-6232

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  1. Congratulations, beautiful photo’s not posed looking, very natural and you both look amazing.

  2. The photos are really sweet. The photographers have done a great job in bringing alive the romance and the emotions of a pre-wedding shoot. Noblesse is obviously an outfit that knows its job and executes it with perfection.

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