Food Lovers Company: Barcelona’s Best Food Tour

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People say one of the best ways to experience a new city is through food, and I couldn’t agree more. Earlier this month, Kev and I had the opportunity to join a food tour and explore Barcelona like a true local. Under the guidance of Nuria from Food Lovers Company, we savoured the flavours of authentic Spanish tapas at hidden local gems while delving into the city’s rich history and culture. In half a day, we learned so much more about Barcelona than we ever would have been able to otherwise! Today, I am sharing my food tour experience and showing you what makes Food Lovers Company the best food tour to join in Barcelona!

Food Lovers Company Barcelona Best Food Tour

Tasting the best authentic Spanish tapas

Barcelona has a lively culinary scene and there’s no shortage of wonderful eateries in this Spanish culture hub. However, like many other major cities, the rise of tourism has brought in outside influences and innovations, causing Spanish cuisine lose its authenticity. More and more local gems are disappearing, making it harder to find authentic Spanish tapas bars.

Food Lovers Company Barcelona Best Food Tour

But it is not impossible. To get a taste of authentic local Barcelona food, joining a food tour with Food Lovers Company is a wonderful choice. Our guide, Nuria, has been living in Barcelona for the last 30 years and has great knowledge about the city’s gastronomic scene. She brought us to Barcelona’s best, but least known, tapas bars that only the locals know about.

In 4 hours, we visited 4 places in Barceloneta and Gothic Quarter, trying out traditional Spanish dishes! Some of our favourites include:

  • Bomba: a deep fried ball of mashed potato and pork, topped with spicy sauce. We visited the tapas bar where it is invented!
  • Butifarra christorra y secas: a combination of butifarra (a traditional sausage from Barceloneta) and chistorra sausage (a cured sausage from Spain’s Basque region), mixed with white kidney beans.
  • Torrija con crema Catalana: a typical Spanish dessert that is very popular during Lent and Holy Week. It consists of a slice of bread soaked in milk, sugar, and cinnamon, dipped in egg, then fried in olive oil. It is served with Catalan cream and sprinkled with sugar. One word: YUM!
  • Boquerones fritos: These fried anchovies are an excellent starter and so hard to resist! The filleted, salt-cured, olive oil-packed anchovies are equally delicious!
Food Lovers Company Barcelona Best Food Tour

torrija con crema catalana

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If we went into a tapas bar without ordering any alcohol, then we were doing tapas wrong. At each location, Nuria ordered a glass of aromatic vermouth (vermut in Spanish) for us to try. It is a fortified and aromatized wine that often enjoyed as an aperitif in Spain. You can drink it straight or lighten it with a little soda water. Cava, Spanish sparkling wine, is another popular drink. It is made the same way as Champagne, but with different grapes.

Food Lovers Company Barcelona Best Food Tour


If you are a big fan of cheese, you might know that Spain produces a wide variety of cheeses. During our tour, we did cheese tasting at a cheese shop, sampling the finest quality cheeses in Northern Spain. The fine, sophisticated flavours made us fall in love with every bite! For a fuller experience, we even tried housemade cheese ice cream!

Food Lovers Company Barcelona Best Food Tour

housemade cheese ice cream

Strolling through historic neighborhoods and learn about the history of Barcelona

Eating is not all we did on our tour with Food Lovers Company. In between places, we strolled through the charming, narrow streets of Barcelona’s old neighborhoods and explored historic sites along the way. It’s not just an intimate culinary adventure, but also a historical and cultural experience!

barceloneta spain


As we made our way through the quaint, lively neighborhood of Barceloneta, we learned that this area was once a fishing village up until the 18th century. In the middle of the 18th century, Felipe V ordered the construction of the famous Parc de la Ciutadella, causing the people living there suddenly became homeless. It was then decided that Barceloneta was where they would be relocated.

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We noticed that Barceloneta is a perfect grid of straight, extremely narrow streets, lined with long, thin buildings that are between three and five stories high. Beautiful hues of pastel colours adorned the apartment buildings, mimicking ones found on Western Mediterranean shores. It is not unusual to see people have clothes hanging out to dry on the balcony.

gothic quarter, barcelona

Gothic Quarter

A leisure walk through the Gothic Quarter took us back in time, to 15-10 BC when Roman Emperor Augustus settled in Barcelona and founded the colony Barcino. Remains of the ancient Roman wall and other Roman ruins could still be seen in the Gothic Quarter.

Unlike Barceloneta, the Gothic Quarter is a labyrinth of narrow, winding alleys. It has a fascinating mix of old and new buildings, history and shopping, peaceful and high energy.

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Reserved especially for you: a secret spot with killer views of Barcelona

Barcelona has many places that provide scenic lookouts over the entire city. It is no secret that Palau Nacional, Park Güell, the towers of La Sagrada Família, Tibidabo, and Bunkers del Carmel offer incredible views of Barcelona. However, these places are oftentimes filled with an excessive number of tourists. Plus, many of them are not that easy to reach. With Nuria, we were able to gain access to a secret spot that offers stunning panoramic views of the city, without venturing too far!

Catedral de Barcelona, Spain

Catedral de Barcelona

The best part is: we could appreciate the striking views of Catedral de Barcelona and La Sagrada Família up close, without dealing with the crowds!

La Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Spain

La Sagrada Família

Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Spain

Enjoying a private intimate experience that allows for more guide time — for questions and for pictures!

Food Lovers Company Barcelona Best Food Tour

What made our experience with Food Lover Company so memorable is the small group size. The tours never exceed 8 people. This granted us plenty of time to connect with the guide and locals. And of course, there was no shortage of opportunities to take photos!

On top of that, Nuria is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. In just 4 hours, we learned so much about the history and culinary culture of Barcelona. Her warm, easy-going personality made it such a pleasant experience that it’s like enjoying an afternoon with a new friend!

Food Lovers Company Barcelona Best Food Tour

our guide, Nuria

We were so glad to have joined Food Lovers Company for an unforgettable culinary adventure. Not only had we learned more about Spain, we have also developed an appreciation for authentic Spanish cuisine. If you are visiting Barcelona seeking for a true taste of the local cuisine, definitely squeeze this tour into your Spain itinerary!

While in Barcelona, don’t forget to experience its vibrant nightlife. These tips will help you dive into Barcelona’s nightlife like a local!

If you are visiting Barcelona seeking for a true taste of the local Spanish cuisine, then the food tour with Food Lovers Company is perfect for you!

Disclaimer: This post is written in partnership with Food Lovers Company. As always, all opinions on For Two, Please are my own and I only recommend services that I 100% stand behind.

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  1. Cat, I’m so jealous you got to try all this amazing food. I totally agree that food is the best way to immerse into the culture of the host country, and typically organized food tours (really good ones) are the way to go. We did one in San Juan and it still is one of the best travel experiences I have ever had!

  2. I love food tours! They combine the best of all worlds: great food, history, and treks into little-known spots that you might otherwise miss. This food tour looks fantastic!

  3. Barcelona is high on my bucket list and your photos are incredible! I’m not a huge meat eater, but some of your photos make it looks so divine, I might have to give in when I visit. And desert is always a good idea! Thanks for the tips!

  4. I so love Barcelona! It is my favorite city to visit. I have not been on a guided food tour like that and have struggled with finding the best local tapas. I’ve sampled some amazing ones and had Cava but nothing like your experience. I will have to look up the tour company on my next trip. I am glad you got such an awesome experience. Did you have time to relax on the beach as well ?

  5. I totally agree, I travel for food and love finding new things wherever I am.  I went to Madrid earlier this year and the tapas were amazing. Looks like Barcelona doesn’t disappoint either.  The cheese ice cream sounds interesting!

  6. I learned Spanish in high school and I have yet to set foot in a Spanish-speaking country! I would love to try authentic tapas in Barcelona. The bomba sounds like the title of a Spanish song I used to know. Wonder if the tapa inspired the song? LOL

  7. As a foodie, I couldn’t agree more. The way to a city’s heart is through its restaurants! I’ve never been to Barcelona but it’s been on my bucket list for years. You had me at tapas. Wow everything looks amazing!! Thank you, ‘when’ (not if) I make it back to Spain, I know where to eat.

  8. This tour sounds awesome! I absolutely agree that food is the fastest and best way to get to know a culture – and the most fun. I love that they bring you to authentic local tapas bars. All the food looks great. I am a huge cheese lover – so that part of the tasting sounds especially fun, including the cheese ice cream!

  9. The Food lover’s company sounds fantastic! I did my first tour in a Toronto this winter and it was quite fun and I’m hooked! Looks like they gave you SO MUCH FOOD!

  10. Good to see the hubbie with you. This sounds like a romantic city and tour. I love tapas and tapas in Barcelona sounds incredible.

  11. Sounds great! We did a food tour in Madrid and it was fabulous. Your post brought back lots of memories of the great cheese, tapas and vermouth! We loved Spain and can’t wait to get back, when we get to Barcelona we will definitely check out the Food Lovers Company.

  12. Argghhhhhh! this post made me so hungry 🙂 I love the ‘boquerones fritos’!. The tips on the Gothic quarter are great, thanks!

  13. I loVe Barcelona and its architecture. Now there’s another reason to visit this beautiful place. Food is the best!

  14. Gah! Your photos of the tapas (and the view of the cathedral, wow) are so drool-worthy! Especially the bomba and the cheese ice cream. I didn’t even know you could make ice cream with cheese! I’ve heard so many amazing things from people who have gone on food tours lately; this is definitely something we will have to do in Spain when we go. I mean, food and alcohol and views with a historical spin? Sign us up! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  15. I very much enjoyed reading this and seeing your pictures. I just returned from Barcelona 3 days ago. Brought back some wonderful memories and I see some places I forgot to check out! Will need to go back

  16. Wow, I so regret not doing a food tour the last time I was in Barcelona! Although I did eat quite well 🙂 Will bookmark this for the next time!

  17. I love love love Barcelona. Such a great post. Cheese ice cream?!? Be it’s tastes so weird! 

  18. We’ve been to Barcelona several times, and love both the architecture and food there! Thanks for your post that brings back sweet memories from the past. It made us realize that it’s been too long and that we need to get back there soon! 🙂

  19. City food tour is the best! I love Spanish food and will definitely try this when I get to go to Barcelona.

  20. Though I’d love to take a food tour, more often than not, I don’t end up taking one, being a veggie.
    I love Spanish Cava wine! I’d take it anyday, everyday!!!
    Thanks for the tip about Nuria! A spectacular view to have a look at Sagrada Familia, would be just awesome!

  21. Ill pass on anchovies but bomba looks and sounds DELISH. Also down for some cava too… why do the grapes in Europe taste so much better?! Saving this for our Barcelona trip if we ever go, small groups are the best!

  22. Barcelona is my favorite city and reading about its food made me want to go back right now. That viewpoint is amazing, could be one of the main reasons for the tour as well 😉

  23. I haven’t been to Barcelona, but food is a very important part of my travels. Your pictures look awesome – and I would love to try that homemade cheese ice cream.

  24. Barcelona is such an amazing city, and the perfect place for a food tour! Getting to sample a variety of tapas at different bars is a great way to learn about the cities food culture and history. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world for that very reason. Great looking tour, and love the smaller group size. That is the key for me, as larger groups on food tours always makes the tour a lot less enjoyable.

  25. This all looks and sounds SO good. I fell in love with Bombas when I was in BCN to years ago. And cava! Oh yes!

  26. I am off to Barcelona next month and this is the perfect post for me! I loved the sight of the cheese ice cream..yum yum yum! The pics of the Gothic Quarter look amazing…I am sure I want to spend a lot of time there!

  27. We were in Barcelona a few summers ago and enjoyed a few cavas but never indulged in a food tour. What a lovely way to experience a city, will have to do it next visit.

  28. Oh this brings back so many happy memories! I loved Barcelona and especially the food. Looking at all your photos is making my mouth water. And the snaps of the gothic quarter are just stunning!

  29. I love food tours! This looks like a great one–those tapas sounded amazing and the cheese ice cream would be interesting to try. I really enjoy when they add history and city information into the food tours too–sounds like you had the best of both worlds here! 

  30. I absolutely love food tours and I truly believe that they are the best way to experience a city and especially Barcelona with its amazing food scene. I haven’t visited Barcelona yet but I am planning to and I will definitely book this tour.

  31. I adore food tours! Love how you get to try so much in such a short time! Those ice creams look so adorable! Looks like you had a great time on the food tour in Barcelona. Everything looks so delicious!

  32.  What a great way to see the city good food and good architecture and A great view.

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  34. What a great experience and a great way to be introduced to the real local culture. The bomba might be my favorite and I’ve never heard of cheese ice cream. Was it good? 

  35. Such appealing photos! Bravo. Barcelona is a great city full of amazing sights, a gastronomical heaven and a fun place to visit. Thanks for sharing your foodie tour with us!

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  37. Spanish people ‘tapear’ (the act of eating tapas) as an appetiser before dinner or lunch. Another Spanish way of enjoying tapas is to ‘ir de tapa’, which is basically bar hopping with a tapa and small drink at each stop.

    And if you love tapas you’ll want to put World Tapas Day in your diary – it’s the third Thursday in June. Yum yum!!

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