Charcut Roast House (Dinner)

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If you’re a meat lover, you must put Charcut on the top of your must-dine list. This bustling, urban rustic restaurant, located in the heart of downtown, showcased the freshest and highest quality house butchered meat dishes. The only thing I regret is not having had dinner at this place much earlier!

Charcut is known for its good value lunch set. Legendary sandwich + soup + parmesan fries + cookies = $15? It is an offer must not be missed! Equally impressive are their dinner dishes. Even better if you bring a group of friends with you!

This weekend, Kev’s friends from Edmonton visited and the six of us dropped by Charcut for a meat feast. Since we showed up at the restaurant at peak dinner hours without a reservation, the restaurant had no table available for us until 9:30PM. The host provided us the option to dine at the hotel lounge and we gladly accepted it.

The advantage for dining as a big group is the opportunity for communal dining experience. Too many dishes caught our eye; in the end, we ordered a few plates to share.

First came the charcut board ($36, full size) with 3 orders of grilled Aviv’s sourdough ($6 per order, each order 4 pcs). The board included a variety of pork meat, including skillet sausage, linguica, pig head mortadella…etc. Please don’t ask me which is which, I have awful memory. Each had its own uniqueness and deliciousness. I was impressed how moist each slice of the meat was. My favorite was the herby, spicy skillet sausage. The jalapeno spiced it up even more and removed the oiliness from the sausage. The sourdough was unforgettable! Real buttery and crisp. There was no cheese, but it tasted as if there was in the bread.  I must admit that sourdough + mustard + meat = MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN! Side note: the extraordinary tasty sourdough was from Sidewalk Citizen Bakery.

charcut board

charcut board

grill aviv's sourdough

grill aviv’s sourdough

Next was the 12 oz medium-rare prime rib ($4.5 per oz), with horseradish sauce, rosemary jus, roasted garlic, sea salt and a bed of arugula on the side. Before you dig in, you would need to squeeze out the roasted garlic and rub it on to the tender, succulent prime rib. The creamy horseradish sauce added a bit of zest to each tender bite.

prime rib with rosemary jus

prime rib with rosemary jus

The highlight of the evening was the bison brisket ($36)!! At first glance, I thought this would be a heavy dish, especially with all the sour cream and bacon bits. After the first bite, I was dumbfounded by how light and silky smooth it tasted. Everything instantly melted in mouth and I barely needed to chew (except for the bacon).

bison brisket

bison brisket

Despite all the meat I ate, I only felt 50% full. Luckily, we ordered a side of charcut potatoes, boar bacon and sour cream ($9). The baby potatoes gradually filled me up. To add some extra flavor, pour the rosemary jus from the prime rib. The simple, flavorful sauce gave it a bit moisture and added sweet, deep aromas.

I have never reviewed a place 2 times. But Charcut has completely blown my mind both times. I would highly recommend any non-vegetarian to check out this place, either at lunch or dinner. Get ready to have your palate tantalized with the most delicious, freshest ingredients!

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