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delicious thai calgary

I am a fan of Thai food for its strong, aromatic fragrance and spicy edge. One of my favorite dishes is Thai green papaya salad, which I have to order whenever we go to a Thai restaurant. At home, I always keep a few packages of Mama tom yum flavour instant noodles in the cabinet. It seemed to me that we have had Thai food quite a few times since we moved to Calgary, but in fact we haven’t dined in many thai restaurants in Calgary. The last time we visited one was almost a year ago at Thai Sa-on Royal Thai Cuisine.

This summer, I felt the urge to go out there and hunt for an authentic Thai restaurant in Calgary. Kev’s colleague suggested a fairly inexpensive place in Kensington called Delicious Thai and we decided to give it a try.


This warm, cozy restaurant delivered a relaxing, tranquil ambiance. It is a perfect place to bring a date or have a casual meal with close friends.

Without hesitation, I ordered the thai papaya salad ($11.25) as appetizer.

som tum thai papaya salad

thai papaya salad

The shredded unripe papaya was mixed with carrots, garlic, long beans, tomatoes, roasted peanuts, chili, fish sauce, lime juice and palm sugar. The crisp, firm texture of the papaya was exactly how I liked it. For the first few bites, you wouldn’t sense the spiciness, but the heat built up quickly. I ordered it with the spicy level at medium strength and it had my tongue burning. This is the level of spiciness I expected out of green papaya salad. It always made me sweating like a pig, but I enjoyed it 😛 The only thing I found not quite up to the standard was that the papaya didn’t absorb the dressing well. The dish had all the proper ingredients for green papaya salad, but it seemed that there might not be enough “pounding.” Traditionally, the salad is made using a large mortar and pestle. The pounding is how we get the flavor and juices out of the ingredients and have the salad absorb the dressing.

pad thai

pad thai

As usual, Kev had the pad thai with chicken ($13.90). The stir-fried rice noodles were thin and  springy, mixed with cubes of firm tofu, egg, chives, shallot, radish, been sprouts, shredded carrots and grounded peanuts. It was a perfect balance of sweet and nutty flavours.

pineapple curry with pork

pineapple curry with pork

As for me, I ordered the pineapple curry with pork ($11.25) and a bowl steamed rice ($2.25). This red curry was utterly scrumptious and appetizing, came with green and red peppers, sweet peas, chunks of pineapple, fresh kaffir lime leaves. The pineapple added a sweet tang to the overall curry, and the coconut milk basically completed the dish. You started off sweet and ended with mild spiciness. It was quite a big bowl. I ended up packing half of it home. My friend ordered the coconut rice ($3.10) instead of regular steamed rice. Oh my, steeping in coconut milk, the rice was really fragrant, sweet and delicious!

We were all happy with our meal and would definitely come back for more curry! If you don’t know what to order, just check out chef’s recommendations at the end of their menu 🙂

Happy Friday, everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in Canada 🙂 Big thanks to Angie from the Novice Gardener and to our co-hosts for organizing the event. Wish you all have a wonderful weekend~

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  1. I love Thai food! Maybe a little too much :-). That’s why I try not to go to Thai restaurants too many times. I will need to change my entire wardrobe if I do! 🙂

    • It’s one of my favorite cuisines in the world. It always has so much flavors to it. Even their desserts are delicious! Sometimes I just made Thai dishes at home because I wanted it so badly ?

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Cat. And thanks for the tip about pounding the green papaya – I have made it many times but never knew I was supposed to do that. Makes sense though. I appreciate how much I learn from each and every Fiesta Friday I attend!

  4. I love Thai food too! Yellow shrimp curry and Pad Thai are my favorites. I have to try the papaya salad next time.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Sandhya! I love Thai curry too, for its creamy, sweet taste from the coconut milk. Oh, you have to try the green papaya salad if you love spicy food. It is my favorite appetizer 🙂

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