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jimmy's deli calgary

“Is there any food you’ve never tried before?” a friend asked me. Of course, tons! If I would to name one with which I’m the least familiar, that would be Middle Eastern cuisine. The only dish I’ve ever tried in that category is falafel. To my surprise, I hadn’t had shawarma in my life!! Shawarma is everywhere, even in Taiwan. I guess I just had been too distracted by other food.

Well, it is time to give it a try! We found a Mediterranean deli in NW, tucked away in a serene residential neighborhood.

Here, they serve a large selection of food, from donair, shawarma, falafel to salad.

jimmy's deli calgary 2

On the other side of the store, you can find a variety of olives and pastries. They also carry a small selection of Mediterranean staples, sauces and spices!

jimmy's deli calgary 3

Ooooh, those baklava looked so mouthwatering!!

baklava jimmy's deli calgary

My “small” chicken shawarma ($8.33) came in a huge portion!! It was so filling, but I managed to finish the whole thing. The tender, slow-roasted chicken in combination with fresh veggies and amazingly tasty garlic sauce really hit the spot 🙂

chicken shawarma calgary

chicken shawarma

Kev’s “medium” beef donair ($9.48) wasn’t that much bigger than mine, but was equally overflowing. It basically came with the same toppings. Instead of the garlic sauce, the beef was drizzled with sweet sauce. Yummm… the meat was so nicely done. It was a complete satisfaction!

beef donair calgary

beef donair

Before we left, we each had a baklava. I was taken aback for a moment by the super sweet taste and stickiness, but then quickly fell in love with the crispy layers of filo.

Thank you, Jimmy’s, for the delicious goodness! I can’t comment on its authenticity, but it definitely made my first shawarma experience unforgettable! I am sure we will be back in no time 🙂

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