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Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a big eater. I eat so much that Kev once asked me “how can you devour a bowl of noodles at 11pm when we just finished dinner 2 hours ago?” The fact is that I can only eat non-stop throughout the day if food is prepared in small amount. That’s why I could never get the most value out of all-you-can-eat type of meal when there is a certain time frame.

Nonetheless, all-you-can-eat is always a good choice when being with a group of friends. No need to worry about each other’s preferences, just order whatever you like as long as you can finish it!

During the August long weekend, Kev and I spent most of the time in Southern Calgary. It is always a challenge to fine decent restaurants in that area. When we found a restaurant that serves all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, the 6 of us delightfully agreed to give it a try!

Located in the Midnapore neighborhood, Moon Korean BBQ kept a plain, simple decor. Most sofa booths seated four and had a built-in table top bbq grill. The Korean staff warmly welcomed us and brought us to the table in a far corner. Since there were 6 of us, they had to set up a longer table to accommodate us. It made me so sad to find that our table had no built-in bbq grill :'(


The all-you-can-eat menu consisted of 11 items, including beef ribs, beef bulgogi, pork rib, pork belly, spicy chicken and fried chicken, just to name a few. It also provided unlimited rice and salad, all for the price of $28 per person. Of course, you could also refill all the banchan (side dishes) at any time!



side dishes include glazed sweet potatoes, pickled daikon, bean sprouts salad and kimchi

Since we didn’t have a bbq grill in front of us, all the food was pre-made in the kitchen.

The fried chicken had a thick, well-seasoned crust. Super crunchy on the outside with a tiny bit of spiciness. Inside was perfectly juicy and moist.


fried chicken

Equally delicious was the pork rib. Marinated in kalbi sauce, the meat was tender, sweet and gingery!

pork rib

pork rib

Hmm… I had great expectations for the beef since we’re in a “beef province” in Canada. To my disappointment, the beef rib was overcooked at some parts, making it tough to bite.

beef rib

beef rib

Same for the pork belly which was sliced too thinly (almost like bacon) was overcooked and dry. (We just came back from Korea 2 months ago and we knew for a fact that in Korean BBQ, pork belly meat is supposed to be thick and fatty. Definitely not how Moon’s Korean BBQ prepared it.)


pork belly

One last thing – in Korea, red leaf lettuce is popularly used for wrapping; nevertheless, at Moon’s, they brought us romaine lettuce instead 🙁 Does that matter? YES! The soft, pliable leaves of the red leaf lettuce just made it so much easier to make a lettuce wrap! Also, they taste difference, in case you didn’t notice that before!

Moon’s Korean BBQ is a good meet up place for friends. Grilling the meat yourselves is unquestionably more fun than having the already-cooked-meat served to you. I would not come back for all-you-can-eat, not just because of the low quality, but also that I couldn’t eat enough to get my money’s worth. Maybe next time I will come back to try the dishes from its regular menu.

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