Sushi Bar Zipang

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I am the type of person who is always looking for a change- a new TV drama, a new type of tea, a new hobby, or a new dine-out restaurant. My philosophy is that if you don’t keep exploring, how do you know what’s really out there? Maybe you will discover something amazing and perhaps it will even become your new favorite! So despite Globefish being one of our “to-go” place for sushi, we constantly look for other sushi restaurants to try.

Kev and I dined at Sushi Bar Zipang one afternoon. It was quite a busy place even though we arrived a little past lunch time. Lucky us, we got a table with no wait.


In spite of the busi-ness, the restaurant had a low-key, “zen” feel to it. The type of place where you would go eat and chat with your close friends.

We picked a few dishes to sample, including the salmon oyako don, 14 pieces of assorted sashimi, and a large order or assorted tempura.

The salmon oyako don ($17.50) was filled with generous slices of salmon sashimi and a handful of salmon roe on the sushi rice.  The sashimi was fresh, buttery and smooth, which was then accompanied with a slight salty taste as the salmon roe popped in your mouth. The rice was nicely prepared with the right level of stickiness and with just enough vinegar.

Salmon oyako don

Salmon oyako don

The 14-piece assorted sashimi ($19.50) included slices of salmon, tuna, scallops, surf clam and octopus. (Don’t count the pieces in the picture below! I took the photo after Kev ate a few pieces 😛 ) The pieces were all bigger than I expected. Very fresh and delicious!

Assorted sashimi (!4 pcs)

Assorted sashimi (14 pcs)

The large assorted tempura ($13.50) came with 4 prawns and 6 veggies. We enjoyed the crispy, airy texture of the tempura. Yet, I was disappointed that they didn’t serve grated daikon along with the dipping sauce 🙁

Assorted tempura (large)

Assorted tempura (large)

In general, we had a pleasant dining experience at Sushi Bar Zipang. The food was tasty and the serving size was large. With the amount of dishes we ordered, we ended up quite full. However, the prices fall on the higher end. With that standard of pricing, I have a higher expectation on the food. Just “delicious” is not enough to make me keep coming back.

I guess we will resume our hunt for an authentic Japanese restaurant at which the price reflects its quality. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Note: I’m bringing this post to Fiesta Friday! Big thanks to Angie from the Novice Gardener and to our co-hosts.

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  1. I heard so many great things about Zipang myself – but when I went there for lunch I was really, really unimpressed myself. I don’t know about authentic (I’ve never been to Japan) but in the NE I like Shibuya Izakaya – though I haven’t been to a lot of places in the NE, since I live & work in the SW.

  2. Go to Roku in the NW. You will not be disappointed.

  3. Thanks, Peaches! Will definitely check it out next time when we are in NW 🙂

  4. Always nice to hear about Japanese/sushi dining experiences in other cities. Sushi is my son’s favourite and we are very lucky in London (UK) with the many Japanese cafes, restaurants and price ranges but even then, it can be a bit hit and miss sometimes! Thank you for sharing this with us – Happy Fiesta Friday!

    • Wonderful! Ya, Japanese cuisine is widely accepted around the world, especially in the West. However, it is not always easy to find a nice restaurant that sells fresh sashimi. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Fiesta Friday 🙂

  5. Oh sushi….. my favorite! Salmon roe….not sure I’ve had that in a while, but it does look yummy!

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