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Ever since I moved to Calgary, I never visited an exclusively vegetarian restaurant. It was not because I avoided visiting one. In fact, I am pretty open to trying any type of food as long as there is no olive, goat cheese, feta cheese or lamb 😛 Actually, Kev was the reason for stopping us from dining at a vegetarian restaurant. He is very particular about having enough protein at every meal. He needs to have meat in his diet or else he gets grumpy. Guess who’s the carnivore here!

So how exactly did I convince him to set foot in Coup + Meet? We were arranging to have an early breakfast with our friends one Sunday. Not many restaurants in downtown opened early. Out of all the options we had, we chose Coup + Meet which had quite an interesting breakfast menu.

coup calgary

coup calgary 2

I loved its open, airy dining space and the cozy, relaxed vibe. The smell of freshly brewed coffee made a great company in the early morning!

All breakfast items looked delicious. What’s even better was that they made their food with local, organic ingredients.

I decided to experiment and ordered the sweet  iron board ($14.5) for breakfast. The wild rice red-fife waffles tasted outstanding and untraditional! I liked how the combination of cashew coconut cream, banana and strawberry sauce wasn’t exceedingly sweet and overwhelming. Even when you drizzled maple syrup on top of it, you could still savour the original taste of the waffles!

iron board coup calgary

sweet iron board

Kev had the full monte ($15.5), which weren’t as great. The french toast was stuffed with smoked tempeh, cheese, arugula and roasted pepper, served with mustard maple syrup and hash brown on the side. The flavors of the ingredients all blended together, but nothing really stood out. In the end, all you could taste were the cheese.

full monte coup calgary

full monte

Apart from Kev, the rest of us all enjoyed our dish. One of our friends had the coup granola ($11.5) and was surprised how tasty and filling it was.

granola coup calgary

coup granola

The Coup + Meet will definitely challenge any preconceptions you have about vegetarian food. If you are a vegetarian, you’ll love it. If you’re a meat lover, it’s worth a try 😉 I will be interested in coming back and trying out its dinner menu 😀

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