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KFC (“Korean Fried Chicken”) is a favorite and staple food across Korea, especially in the hot months of summer. Under the great influence of Korean drama, the ultimate paring of fried chicken and beer has become a cracking food sensation and gained its popularity in much of Asia as well as other parts of the world.

Calgary has a few locations scattered across the city that serve Korean fried chicken. Olive Chicken is one that we’ve tried but weren’t impressed by its recipe. My Korean friend strongly recommended Wow Chicken in Kensington for its authentic taste. Having tasted real Korean fried chicken this summer on our Korea trip, we couldn’t waited to try this famous, delicious snack on the other side of Pacific Ocean! 


Spacious, clean and softly lit, the restaurant set the mood with the most popular Korean pop music playing in the background, accompanied by music videos on the large flat-screen TV. Comfy sofas and cushioned booths made it ideal for a casual sit down meal with friends and family. If you’re more in the mood for pickup, there’s a take-out window at the front door to serve your needs.


The most popular item at Wow Chicken is their “original” deep-fried breaded chicken, served in half or full servings. Or if you have a preferred part of a chicken, you could also choose “wings”, “drumsticks”, “thighs”, or “breasts”. Take your pick! All of them (including the “original”) come in original crispy flavor, or with sweet/spicy/soy garlic seasoning. Either you’re dining alone or sharing with 10 other people, you can select the portion size (5/10/15/20/30/40 pcs) that suit you best.

For one person, I found that the combo meals are the most valuable options. From 10 am to 5 pm, you can have a meat of your choice (drumstick/breast/wing/boneless thigh) plus french fries and pop for $8.99. Ordering outside that time frame will only cost you $10.99, with an extra bowl of salad.


I ordered the $8.99 combo that came with 3 deep-fried breaded drumsticks, a pop and fries. So… how’s Korean fried chickens differ from North American ones? Using thin batter, Korean fried chickens are double-fried to get that eggshell-thin, ultra-crisp crust. The chicken was seasoned with spices before and after being fried. At Wow Chicken, they only use fresh chicken (never frozen) to achieve the drippingly juicy interior. My drumsticks had a super crunchy, not-so-greasy skin. They were finger-licking good! The thick-cut fries had a soft center and a lovely golden, slightly crispy finish.

drumstick meal

drumstick meal

Just as my Korean friend said, Wow Chicken makes the most delicious and authentic Korean fried chicken. I think I’ve just found a spot for late night snacks! If you try Wow Chicken, you will never ever go back to American style fried chickens.

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