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sweet iron calgary

Our friends insisted on taking us to Sweet Iron for breakfast. After having the Belgian waffles from Nero in Vancouver, I am not even sure if I could find anything that is up to the standard. However, one friend claimed that Sweet Iron made the best waffles he has ever had in his life so I agreed to give it a try.

Throughout the PAX Prime event, it was extremely busy given its close proximity to the Convention Center. Early in the morning, the tiny store was already crammed with people who were looking to indulge in freshly baked liege waffles. We quickly placed our order and patiently waited for a table to clear up.

sweet iron calgary 2

The place served both sweet and savory waffles. We each ordered one waffle and shared.
seasonal waffle

seasonal waffle with peaches, mascarpone and raspberries sauce

The seasonal sweet waffle (USD$7) was topped with peaches, mascarpone and raspberries sauce, finished with powdered sugar. The waffle was dense and deliciously caramelized. If they substituted mascarpone with whipped cream, it would taste even better.
savory waffle with prosciutto, crème fraiche & green onions

savory waffle with prosciutto, crème fraîche & green onions

The prosciutto, crème fraîche & green onions savory waffle (USD$6) yielded an interesting sweet, savory and tangy blend. Too bad the prosciutto had an overpowering salty taste.
savory waffle with roast turkey breast, havari cheese & raspberry jam

savory waffle with roast turkey breast, havari cheese & raspberry jam

In terms of savory waffle, I preferred the roast turkey breast, havari cheese & raspberry jam (USD$6.5). The moist, tender turkey was sandwiched between smokey cheese and sweet, fruity jam. It was unbelievable how well they integrated together!
lemon curd and blueberries sweet waffle

lemon curd and blueberries sweet waffle

The lemon curd and blueberries waffle (USD$6) was a bit disappointing. The lemon curd was simply too sour to bear.
All in all, Sweet Iron was a good breakfast spot to hit. It offered various combinations and the liege waffles were above average. However, I wouldn’t say it served the best waffles. For now, Nero Belgian Waffle Bar is still my favorite 🙂

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