Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

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While walking along Robson st, we came across Nero before dinner time. It is a boutique dessert store that sells Belgian waffles. As we entered, I was immediately attracted by its wooden interior design, which gave it a naturalistic look.

As we were about to take our seats, the staff at the counter stopped us and wanted us to make our order first. This place serves two types of waffles- brussels waffle (light and crispy) and leige waffle (soft, sweet and chewy) with a variety of sweet and savory flavors.


Despite the store is small, it can accommodate about 4 tables of customers.

Banella on Brussels Waffle

Banella on Brussels Waffle

Mocha on Liege Waffle

Mocha on Liege Waffle

We wanted to try the different types of waffles so we ordered the Banella on brussels waffle ($6.95) and Mocha on leige waffle ($8.90). Banella came with slices of banana and nutella on the side. A very safe option to go with if you don’t know what to order. The brussel waffles were very light, which had a crispy texture on the outside and soft, moist texture on the inside. It didn’t make me feel overwhelmed at all. In contrast, leige waffles were sweeter, thicker and denser. The vanilla ice cream and espresso infused whipped cream that came with it made it more flavorful and delicious. Also, it quickly filled us up. The two of us should have ordered just the leige waffle so that we could have some room for the dinner 😛

My review: Nero is like the famous Japanese white chocolate cookies, Shiroi Koibito. It is quite pricy, yet offers a nice relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy its delicious desserts.

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  3. These waffles look delicious, I’ve never seen this waffle bar on Robson Street. The prices look very reasonable and the waffles and toppings delicious. Often whilst walking on Robson Street and around Vancouver a sugar rush is needed and Nero Belgian Waffle bar will satisfy that need!

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