Ap Gu Jung Korean Restaurant

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One thing I miss the most from Vancouver is the Korean food. There aren’t many Korean restaurants around in Calgary so I was determined to try some when we visited Vancouver. My friend, Pat recommended this place on Robson st to me.

The restaurant has 2 levels of dining place. From the interior, it doesn’t look like a typical, traditional Korean restaurant. Instead, it seems more like a ski lounge/pub with the wooden design and a big screen tv on the wall playing sports. It is a perfect place for late night snacks with friends and family.

Korean Side Dishes

Korean Side Dishes

Soft Tofu Soup (Seafood)

Soft Tofu Soup (Seafood)

I ordered the soft tofu soup with seafood ($9.95) which came with a bowl of steam rice and, of course, some Korean side dishes. Both the side dishes and the soup were very delicious and authentic. The side dishes were all well-flavored. The tofu soup were boiling hot and spicy! Just the way I like 🙂 Tofu was soft, seafood were fresh.. it couldn’t be better. The soup instantly warmed up my whole body.

Overall, this place serves pretty good food at reasonable prices. I will definitely come back to try other dishes on my next trip to Vancouver.

My review: Ap Gu Jung is like a cup of homemade hot chocolate to me. Something you would like to have late at night that will keep you full and satisfied.

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