Burger Fever in Sin City (Las Vegas South Strip restaurants)

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Happy Friday everyone! Any burger lover out there? Kev and I had a burger fever on our Las Vegas trip last Christmas. Just thought I would share with you our eatery adventure in celebration of all the hard work you put in for the week. This is my first time joining the Fiesta Friday community. Thanks Angie and The Novice Gardener for putting together this weekly Friday party. Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man@ Caesar Palace

Max Brenner is my all time favorite. I first knew about it when I was in NYC. From then on, I am addicted to it. When I went back to Asia, I was delighted to find their Singapore branch to continue feeding my Max Brenner addiction. When I found out there’s also a branch in Las Vegas, I was overjoyed! XD Too bad this branch is now permanently closed, but we could still satiate our hunger through photos 😛

The restaurant was conveniently located inside the Forum Shops at Caesar Palace.


Walking into the restaurant is like walking into a chocolate factory. The interior was very thematic. Looking up, you could see “100% Pure Chocolate” pipes run throughout the restaurant. The smell of chocolate filled up the whole place and instantly put you in a happy mood.

You could sit at the bar (they did sell alcoholic drinks) or at the sofa dining area.



Kev ordered the Brenner burger (USD$14.25), with waffle fries dusted with chili and cocoa powder. It tasted fabulous! The medium rare beef patty was crispy on the outside while the inside remained juicy. The waffle fries went well with the sweet spicy mayo.

Brenner burger

Brenner burger

Max Brenner is known for their creativity with food. I know I could let my adventurous spirit go wild here. So I ordered the Max’s Italian sweet crepe “pasta” (USD$13.95).

Max's Italian sweet crepe pasta

Max’s Italian sweet crepe pasta

Don’t be fooled by the name. It was actually a dessert dish. The sweet crepe was cut into the shape of fettucine, served with white chocolate chucks, raspberry sauce (in a beaker) and a scoop of milk chocolate ganache on the side. In addition, there was also a scoop of dark chocolate on top of the pasta, sprinkled with crunchy hazelnut bits. Basically, it was a chocolate party and you indulged yourself in it. The different types of chocolate were served in different forms. The dark chocolate was almost fudge-like- very thick, heavy and sweet. You could mix it with liquidy, soft milk chocolate ice cream and chucky white chocolate pieces. If you found it too sweet, you could balance the taste with the sour raspberry sauce.

American dream apple pie hot chocolate

American dream apple pie hot chocolate

We ended our meal with the American dream apple pie hot chocolate (USD$5.95). The drink came in a cute little hugmug, where you could wrap our hands around it to keep them warm. Perfect for winter days! The thick white hot chocolate was steeped with caramel apple and topped with cinnamon and whipped cream. It tasted very rich, creamy and sweet, Kev said it resembled eggnog white chocolate.

Max Brenner never disappoints me. Put it on your “must-eat” list, chocolate addicts. It is definitely worth a visit! Find out more about their locations here.

BurGR @ Planet Hollywood

When we asked our friends who have been to Las Vegas for restaurant recommendations, the first thing they suggested was Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR. We visited the restaurant on a Saturday evening with our friends and, as expected, there was a loooooong line forming outside. The hostess took down our name and phone number so that we could walk around elsewhere while waited to be called. After a good 45 mins wait, we finally got a table!

The restaurant has a open dining space, with lively, casual ambiance.


Unlike regular burger place, the table was setup quite formally.


Opening up the menu, we found…… Gordon Ramsay!



We asked our server for suggestions and finally decided on the truffle parmesan fries (USD$11), roasted jalapeno poppers (USD$12) and hells kitchen burger (USD$14). 

Six jalapeno poppers were served individually in a shot glass, with their own cheddar bacon ranch dressing. One of them had the seeds intact and we didn’t know which one it was! If my memory was correct, I believed our friend, William, was the lucky one 😛 They were super crispy on the outside. All of them had a bit of spicy kick to it, but the cheesy dipping sauce helped subdue the flame.

Roasted jalapeno poppers

Roasted jalapeno poppers

Next on was the truffle parmesan fries, served with truffle aioli and chipotle tomato sauce. It tasted unusually amazing! The fries had a slightly cheesy, garlicky taste to it. Personally, I preferred the freshly made tomato sauce over the truffle aioli.

Truffle parmesan fries

Truffle parmesan fries

The burger came with asadero cheese, roasted jalapeno peppers, avocado and oven roasted tomato. The burger was light in flavor- not too creamy or cheesy. There were quite a few jalapeno in it, but the avocado suppressed the hotness. Beef was cooked perfectly. I liked how the tomatoes were roasted so that you wouldn’t have the juices dripping onto your hands.

Hell's kitchen burger

Hell’s kitchen burger

In general, nice presentation, friendly service, decent food. Given that it is a celebrity chef restaurant, the burger didn’t wow me though. The prices are affordable but not cheap. It’s a good one-time experience.
BurGR on Urbanspoon

Le Burger Brasserie @ Paris

Based on my last-minute, online research, I found that a number of people said this place serves the best burger on the strip. We came here to find out if that is true.


Le Burger Brasserie is a upscale sports bar, located in the hall connecting Paris and Bally’s. Inside was dimly lit with TV screens all around the restaurant playing sports games. What seemed out of place to me was seeing the waitresses wearing skimpy clothes.


Kev and I ordered a bowl of New England clam chowder (USD$6) and a combo meal (le classique and pomme fries, USD$16) to share.

The clam chowder was so so. There weren’t a lot of clams in it. It was too salty to drink the soup on its own.


New England clam chowder

The beef burger was quite simple, came with grilled Angus beef patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle and jalapeno. The meat stayed soft and juicy. The waffle fries were crispy and airy, but a bit oily. A pretty standard beef burger- tasted good, but not great.

Le classique beef burger

Le classique beef burger

I wasn’t too impressed with their burger and I certainly didn’t understand what the fuss was about.

Burger Brasserie on Urbanspoon

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