Whitehall: Rebirth of British Cuisine

It is every Canadian’s favourite time of the year: tax season. Going through tax forms can be taxing, even worse is finding out you owe taxes. Good news is that you feel a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders after filing your return. If that’s the case, give yourself a pat on the back and let’s celebrate! Today, I would like to share with you our experience at Whitehall, a relatively new restaurant in Bridgeland that focuses on contemporary British fare.

Whitehall, Calgary, Canada

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5S17: Fusion or Not Fusion?

For quite some time now, Kev and I would walk past 5S17 on 17th Ave and wonder what this hole-in-the-wall restaurant is all about. I have heard my foodie friends who checked this place out long before I did spoke highly of the food; however, when I was about to stop by, the restaurant was closed abruptly without advance notice. Fortunately, the closure was only temporary. Now that it is back to Calgary’s food scene, the time has come for me to visit 5S17 and evaluate the restaurant myself!

5S17, Calgary, Canada

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Pure: A Little Paradise for Contemporary Vietnamese Cuisine

Remember Watercress Express, the modern Vietnamese bistro on 17th ave that opened its door a year ago? It once served up the almighty braised pork cheek bao that got Kev and I raved about for a long while. Then the head chef, Lam Pham, left to start his own project and everything has changed since then. Every so often, I couldn’t help mentally drooling over the image of that braised pork cheek bao and wonder when it would be brought back again. Good news to us all: the wait is OVER! Braised pork cheek bao has found its new home and will be greeting us at Pure Contemporary Vietnamese Kitchen + Bar!

Braised pork cheek bao from Pure Vietnamese Calgary

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Argentine Wines X Brazilian BBQ: A True Taste of South America

Argentina – a beautiful country with a vibrant culture and the birthplace of the sexy and sultry tango. It is a destination where Kev and I want to visit so badly. Thanks to Pampa, Vine and Dine and Mondia Alliance, we got a little taste of this South American country last week at the Grupo Peñaflor Winemaker Dinner! Nothing could possibly be more enjoyable than tasting a six-course Brazilian meal and matching it with superb Argentine wines from one of the top 10 wine producers in the world. It was a true South American night that left us with lots of fun memories. Care to join me for a drink and revisit this amazing evening of wine, food and fun?

Argentine Winemaker Dinner at Pampa Vine & Dine

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Tikim by Sarap YYC: Contemporary Filipino Pop-Up Dinner

Tuesday night at The Bro’kin Yolk, which typically serves breakfast and lunch items, had transformed into a private dining room for 50 people. Crowding the kitchen were 5 chefs doing a last minute check on the food and logistics for the evening. Over on the other side, a crowd of hungry diners chatted in excitement and patiently waiting for the Filipino dinner to begin.

Filipino Tikim Dinner at Brokin Yolk, Calgary

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Fairmont Château Lake Louise

Looking for a room with a magnificent mountain view? Then, look no further than Fairmont Château Lake Louise! Located in the heart of pristine Banff National Park and within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the luxurious hotel offers breathtaking views of Lake Louise and the Victoria Glacier. This winter, Kev and I ventured into the wilderness of Banff National Park and stayed at Fairmont Château Lake Louise. Until today, I still couldn’t forget the stunning view of the lake from our hotel window!

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Banff


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Ten Foot Henry: Good Food to Share with Good Friends

It’s an exciting year for Calgary: numerous restaurants sprout up all across the city as the weather warms up. Exploding with so many options, it’s hard to decide which one to try first. Let me make this task easier by introducing you to Ten Foot Henry – not only is it one of the most highly rated newcomers in the Calgary food scene, it is also the new home for Henry, a comic-strip character created in the 1930s.

Ten Foot Henry, Calgary, Canada

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Gyu-Kaku: Be Your Own Chef

If you are a barbecue fanatic, the name “Gyu-Kaku” might not be foreign to you. Specializing in Japanese yakiniku (barbecue) dining, Gyu-Kaku is a popular international chain that has approximately 600 locations within Japan and more than 30 branches in Asia and North America. Last month, the bustling chain made the bold move to open in downtown Calgary, which resulted in instant popularity. Arriving 30 minutes after its opening time will most likely put you on the wait list. Many wonder if Gyu-Kaku is worth the inevitable long wait. Let’s find out.

Gyu Kaku, Calgary, Canada

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