How To Get Around Toronto With Subway & Streetcars

If you asked me what’s the one thing I learned from my Toronto trip, I would tell you: Toronto is not a walkable city. I realized I made the mistake of underestimating the distance to destinations when my feet started hurting and cracking after 2 days of excessive walking. A route might look close enough to walk on the map, in reality it is often further than expected. Unless you have a healthy budget for transportation, do yourself a favour and purchase a PRESTO card. Not only does it give you a discount for getting in to the city from Pearson Airport, but also lets you take public transportation without the hassle to keep finding cash to pay for the tickets. Subway and streetcars are the most inexpensive and convenient way to get around Toronto and you should take advantage of it. Now grab your Presto card and explore the city with me!

Toronto TTC Subway Streetcar