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Chocolate is my all-time favorite. A tiny piece of it is enough to instantly make my day better.

While strolling around Inglewood today, Kev and I visited this tiny chocolate store that the lady from another store down the street recommended to us.


Choklat is quite unique and different from other chocolate stores I’ve been to. It is not a fancy place. No stylish interior design. No fancy packaging. But it is dedicated to make fine quality, tasty chocolate. They import cocoa beans and make their own chocolate from start to finish. They don’t buy bulk chocolate like other chocolatiers.


So what can you buy there? They sell dark, really dark and milk chocolate bars. Fresh baked goods are available daily. You can also order drinking chocolate. What really attracts me is their fresh, handmade truffles ($1.99 each). You pick the filling, dipping and coating, and it will be ready in no time! You can also order it online and pick up the truffles at the store.


Hot diggity (spicy), 48% milk choklat, toasted coconut.

I ordered a spicy truffle, dipped in milk chocolate and coated with toasted coconut. It gave me a tropical feel (spicy and coconuty) hehe 🙂


It was very thoughtful of them to give us the details of your order, showing the color of the wrapping paper for each truffle being ordered. That way we didn’t have to guess which was what.

If you’re a chocolate lover, you should definitely try their chocolate!

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