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We have stayed in Calgary for almost nine months and still hadn’t found a brunch place that blows my mind. Our foodie friend suggested us to take a trip to Pfanntastic Pannenkiek Hous for its Dutch pancakes. We arrived at around 11 am, hoping to beat the brunch crowd, but oh boy, there was a lineup outside… (sadly, they don’t take reservation on weekends from 8 am to 3pm) We waited outside for 30 minutes for a table. Luckily, it was a warm, sunny day. Some magazine reviews about this restaurant were posted at the entrance. Apparently, it was featured in Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here” show. We couldn’t wait to see how Dutch pancakes will amaze us!

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The restaurant was cozy and homey. The menu is extensive, offering various savory and sweet pancakes to choose from. If you can’t find anything you like, you can even consider building your own pancake!

Since there are so many to try, we decided to each order one pancake and share. I ordered a savory pancake- parmezaanse kip (chicken parmesan, $15.95). Kev ordered a sweet pancake- kaneel rol (cinnamon roll with baked apple, $8.45+$2). We shared a specialty sweet pancake with a friend- zwarte woud (black forest, $17.95).

Parmezaanse Kip (Chicken Parmesan)

Parmezaanse Kip (Chicken Parmesan)

The pancake is HUGE! It is about 12 inches in diameter. Unlike the pancakes in North America, Dutch pancakes are thin (just a little bit thicker than crepe). The chicken parmesan pancake is made with ingredients including chicken, bacon, leek, mushrooms and fresh parmesan. It tasted a lot like the green onion pancake I had back in Taiwan, minus the bacon and chicken. I am very sensitive to saltiness. With the bacon and cheese, I was surprised and glad that it was just mildly salty.

Kaneel Rol (Cinnamon Roll with Baked Apple)

Kaneel Rol (Cinnamon Roll with Baked Apple)

The cinnamon roll pancake looked like it was gonna be very sweet with all the brown sugar and cream cheese icing. Fortunately, the sour taste of the baked apple balanced it out.

Zwarte Woud (Black Forest)

Zwarte Woud (Black Forest)

For the specialty sweet pancake, zwarte woud, it seemed like they transferred the whole black forest cake onto it. The pancake looked ENORMOUS with the cherries, ice cream, whipped cream and kirschwasser (fruit brandy) in a chocolate cup. At first, we were intimidated and didn’t know how to start eating it. The warm cherries were delicious- a bit sour, a bit sweet. However, the whipped cream and ice cream made the pancake tasted overly sweet and soggy.

All in all, I enjoyed the food, service and atmosphere in Pfanntastic Pannekoek Haus. I am glad we discovered a decent brunch place in Calgary 🙂

My review:  It is like the Royal Dansk butter cookies- great exotic food at reasonable price!

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