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A few of our friends came down from Edmonton and wanted some Japanese food so we went to Big Catch which is located in the Kingsland Farmer’s Market. This place was very busy on Saturday noon. It was in the food court section of the market and we had to find tables on our own. Luckily, the table turnarounds was fast so we didn’t have much difficulty to get one.

The staff at Big Catch were really nice and friendly. A staff even came around to our table to ask us if we had any questions about the menu.

Catch Card

Catch Card

We were given a “catch card” after we ordered and paid. It is basically a stamp card, which gives you a stamp with every purchase of $10. With a collection of 12 stamps, you get a free roll. Since we were with a big group of friends, that helped us quickly collect 5 stamps!

(from top to bottom) Meteor Rain, Rodeo Rider, Nine One One, Toro and Wild Salmon Sashimi

(from top to bottom) Meteor Rain, God of Wind, Nine One One, Toro and Wild Salmon Sashimi

All our orders were nicely arranged onto one big plate. Very nice presentation with the dragon-shaped wasabi and the flower carved from an apple a radish.

We ordered some special rolls (Meteor Rain, God of Wind, Nine One One) as well as some sashimi (Toro and Wild Salmon). In terms of the food, the fish was relatively fresh given the Calgary standard. The toro wasn’t as amazing as what I’d tried in Vancouver, but I can’t really compare how fresh the seafood is in Calgary to the ones in Vancouver, can I? I was a little bit disappointed that there was too much rice in the rolls that I could barely taste the fish. None of the rolls we ordered really stood out for me. However, it is fairly reasonably price ($11.75 for a 9-pcs special roll). We don’t mind going back for their sashimi.

My review: It is like the Oh Henry! Chocolate Bar- something that is relatively cheap and that you don’t mind having once in a while.

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  1. …that is a radish, not an apple… :/ & Big Catch is the closest thing to Japanese sushi away from Japan as you can get in Calgary, it’s not just an “Oh Henry” restaurant. wow. you might want to give up the “foodie” thing if you can’t tell the difference between an apple and a radish?

    • Hi Gigi, thank you for the correction and I’ve updated the content to reflect my mistake. I use my blog as a medium to share my food adventure with friends and family around the world. I don’t label myself as foodie. I’m simply a person who love to share my dining experiences so that other people can read about the food and restaurants in their neighborhood or places they would like to visit. For each restaurant I visited, I paired it with a type of candy I know to make it more fun and relatable to readers. That doesn’t mean a “Oh Henry” chocolate bar restaurant is not as good as a “Godiva” chocolate. Like every type of chocolate has its uniqueness, every restaurant has its personality. It is the experience I’m describing, not its absolute greatness. You might not agree with what I described in my post about the restaurant and I respect that. Everyone will have different experience at a specific restaurant. I was simply describing mine.

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