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Kev finally took me to the Italian restaurant where he used to go to on first dates. The restaurant is spacious and sorts of look like a diner with homey atmosphere. It wasn’t too busy on Sunday evening, but there were decent amount of customers coming and going.

Fiore’s has $9.99 pasta special on Sunday. Kev loves meat and cheese so he ordered the lasagna fiorentina. I prefer something spicy with a bit veggies so I ordered the fusilli arriabiatta. 

Lasagna Fiorentina

Lasagna Fiorentina

Fusilli Arriabiatta

Fusilli Arriabiatta

My fusilli arriabitatta came with red and green peppers and bacon bits in the tomato sauce (which tasted peppery spicy). The pasta was nicely done- not too hard, not too mushy. I finished the whole plate (which was rare when it comes to pasta). The only disappointment was that there wasn’t  a lot of bacon in it. I think there were only 3~4 tiny bits in the whole plate.

The lasagna was cheesy and meaty- just the way Kev liked. There was some spinach inside, but no ricotta cheese.

In general, the quality of food was what we expected for the price. It is definitely something you can make it at home, but if you’re feeling lazy, it is somewhere to go for a meal at a reasonable price. We don’t mind going back for the pasta specials!

My review: It is like Hershey’s bulk of miniature chocolate. There is a good variety of choices to try on. The food is decent and cheap.

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