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cerezo calgary

Want something different for brunch? I do!

Kev and I looooove Asian fusion cuisine. So far, Gachi and Lava Dining have made quite an impression on us. To celebrate Kev has finally escaped out of rural medicine practice and returned to the city, we visited Cerezo in Renfrew for brunch.

The restaurant was situated in a charming cottage house on Edmonton Trail. It was quite unnoticeable. We had passed by this place so many times but never noticed that this was restaurant!!

cerezo cafe calgaryAs soon as we walked in, we were enticed by its cosy, laid-back atmosphere, which quickly took us away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The house was styled with wooden floor, cottage decor, and vintage furniture, making us feel relaxed and welcomed 😉

cerezo cafe calgary

The restaurant serves Japanese fusion dishes during the day and unique Japanese tapas in the evening. To try their chef’s tasting menu which consists of 5 or 8 courses, you have to make at least 3 days advanced reservations. Let’s start with their brunch dishes first, then we will decide if it is worth coming back.

I had the chicken pot pie with salad ($11.95). Don’t be deceived by the small bowl! This rich, comforting dish quickly filled me up with all sorts of hearty ingredients including chicken chunks, peas, carrots, potatoes, corn. The thick white sauce was lightly seasoned and topped with puffy, airy bread. The bread was a bit too soft – I wished it was more crisp and dry. The side salad was drizzled with my favorite Japanese-style dressing that tasted sweet and gingery 🙂

chicken pot pie cerezo

chicken pot pie

chicken pot pie cerezo 2

chicken pot pie

The restaurant added some Japanese elements to the braised pork belly eggs benny ($16.5). The unique sweetness of the yuzu miso hollandaise sauce balanced out the saltiness of the braised pork belly. But after a few more bites, the sweet taste of the sauce could be a bit overpowering. The homemade buns were very soft – if they were toasted, it would have been better. What I loved most, however, was the caramelized fried potatoes on the side. Their buttery softness, along with the spicy mayo sauce, had enchanted us.

braised pork belly eggs benny

braised pork belly eggs benny

To conclude the meal, we ordered the orange creme brulee with vanilla ice cream ($8.95). The custard had strong milk flavor. The infusion of orange zest gave it a blend of sweetness and tartness. To my surprise, instead of being rich and creamy, the vanilla ice cream was very light and refreshing. Although the dessert was not mind-blowing, I must say the fresh fruits and the dry orange slice were a nice touch.

orange creme brulee

orange creme brulee with vanilla ice cream

We were happy with the unique dishes and food quality Cerezo delivered. I look forward to trying their dinner tapas and anticipate innovative inventions on our next visit!

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