Raj Palace (Country Hills)

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What’s your favorite Indian dish besides curry? For me, the South Indian staple, Dosa, my Indian friend first introduced me in NYC was unforgettable! The soft crispy Indian-style crepe doesn’t just taste good,  but also reminds me of the vibrant city life I once had in NYC.

You can easily get curry and samosa in most Indian restaurants in Calgary, but it is difficult to find a place that makes authentic dosa. My Indian friend recommended me Raj Palace for excellent dosa and I decided to take Kev to NW for an exotic food adventure. 

The restaurant was situated in a plaza opposite the T&T supermarket in Country Hills. It was tiny in size and packed with people who seemed to be originated from India – which is always a good sign when dining at foreign cuisine restaurants.

raj palace calgary

I have tried the Mysore Malasa Dosa before at the Royal Oak branch and I loved it! It was super spicy and satisfyingly tasty. Too bad, Kev couldn’t eat spicy, so we picked the chicken dosa ($12.95) this time and ordered veg pakoda ($10.95) as starter.

veg pakoda indian

veg pakoda

Soon after, our dishes arrived hot and fresh! Starting with veg pakoda, a mix of deep fried vegetables. Unlike the deep fried veggies you normally got at stampede, spices were mixed into the batter to give them exotic flavours. These pakodas were crisp on the outside and soft inside. To spice things up even more, you could dip the pakodas into the slightly spicy coconut chutney! Oops, did I say “spicy”? While eating, Kev was desperately chugging water down his throat.

chicken dosa indian

chicken dosa

Next up was the chicken dosa. The dosa I tried before were all stuffed with potatoes, but this rice and lentil crepe was stuffed with minced chicken filling and served with sambar and chutney on the side. It was hot, pungent and superflavorful – I could taste and smell cumin and coriander.  Medium spicy (Oops, another spicy dish …sorry Kev, it was just impossible to find a non-spicy Indian dish for you!) It was tasty, yet I still prefer those with mashed potato filling. Don’t ask me why, I just love potatoes!

chicken dosa indian calgary

minced chicken filling in the center of the crepe

I was so happy to finally find a dosa place and would totally come back again. If you’re looking for a unique Indian dish to try, definitely go for dosa! Raj Palace would be a good place to start. Not sure which dosa to order? Ask the staff for suggestions – they were super friendly and resourceful 🙂 Oh yea, be careful, don’t over-order. The dosa is massive and can easily feed 2 persons.

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  1. Ooh mouthwatering! yeah South Indian is my absolute favorite too when it comes to eating out for Indian cuisine. The chicken dosa sounds delicious!

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  3. I have only eaten Biryani. 😀 I bet this sounds so good and so flavorful. Thanks for sharing & happy FF. xx

  4. Hi Cat! I haven’t tried dosa with minced chicken, so was it better compare to potato-dosa?
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend and Fiesta Friday party!

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  6. Hello! I am also from Calgary and i LOVE Dosa, but i am super super picky. The places i have tried, either the Dosa gets soggy, or the Sambar (the curry on the side) isn’t flavored enough. There is a really good place in the NE across from the Westwinds Superstore. It is called “the Marina” i HIGHLY recommend it!!!

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