Corbeaux Bakehouse (Closed)

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Corbeaux, the French-inspired bakery-cafe on 17th Avenue, is a (relatively) new kid in town. I’ve visited a few times on my own over the past few months. The desserts and pastries were wonderful beyond descriptions. Sitting along the south-facing windows and bathing in sunlight, I immersed myself in tranquility. 

Below were some photos of their irresistible sweet creations, taken on my previous visits. YUM!



Corbeaux is not just a bakery. It is also a restaurant. Decorated with patterned floor tiles and stylish arc lamps, the compact dining room manifested a luxurious style and a firmly Parisian tone.


Kev and I hopped in one day and initially requested to be seated on the patio to enjoy the warm sun and summer breeze. Little did we know that dandelions and bugs could really ruin the mood. Soon after we ordered, we decided to move inside. However, immediately after we were seated, we noticed that the indoor dinner menu was different from the one we were offered earlier. When we asked our server about the discrepancy, she said guests would be given different menus depending on where they choose to dine (indoor vs outdoor). Well, it was already too late to change our order, but we would greatly appreciate if the server could notify us about the difference in food offerings before we decided where to sit…

The pulled pork tacos ($13) came in small portion. The corn tortillas were piled with tender shredded pork, pico de gallo, radishes and spiced avocado crema. Nothing special, just some ordinary tacos. Not that I had high hopes that those tacos would blow my mind, but I was slightly disappointed at the portion. $6.5 per taco? Seriously? This was clearly overpriced. I was nostalgic for the tacos I had in the States

pulled pork tacos corbeaux

pulled pork tacos

Thr east coast lobster roll ($23) consisted of chunks of tender, sweet, cooked lobster meat, sandwiched between the buttery, sweet brioche buns. The mayonnaise-based sauce made it mysteriously more rich and sweet. It was a bit too much that it overshadowed the sweet delicate taste of lobster. Also, there was not a lot of lobster. If I had to break down the proportion of the ingredients, I would say it was roughly 50% bread, 30% veggies and sauce, 20% lobster. The fries were chunky and soft, not the crispy type.

east coast labster roll

east coast labster roll

After trying dinner at Corbeaux, I would say the cafe/restaurant does best in what it specializes- pastries. Their overpriced, average quality dinner dishes would very likely disappoint the guests.

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