ReGrub Burger Bar

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, the block on 11 Ave SW between 5th and 6th st has completely revamped! I mean, restaurant-wise. Chefbar, Last Best, and now Regrub (burger spelled backward ;)).


The eye-catching cyan outdoor sign was hard to ignore. The fact that it is a burger bar further aroused our curiosity, since there aren’t that many of those in Calgary. We quickly invited ourselves in to find out what it has to offer!



The space was occupied with bright, bold colors. I really admired the creativity of transforming wood crates and roof ventilation fans into lights. It showed me that this place was filled with originality and innovation. Got me more excited about its burgers!


ReGrub had a small bar area near the entrance where local craft beers and other alcoholic beverages could be ordered. If you preferred to stay sober, they also had non-alcoholic refreshments 😉

We got in line in front of the food counter while browsing over the list of crafted burger options. Everything in the burger was made from scratch, from the bun to the meat patty. Also, their ingredients were locally and ethnically sourced!

After placing our order, we brought the table number given to us and patiently waited for our food to be delivered to us.


My kona classic ($13) was stacked with fried homemade spam, albertan grassfed beef, caramelized onions, guoda, chili pickled pineapple, tomato and butter lettuce. All served in their housebaked fresh brioche buns.  The combination was a delight, with a hint of sweetness. Wow, the homemade spam was absolutely amazing! What a creation. I loved it more than the beef patty, which I found a bit dried out…

kona classic

kona classic

Kev’s smoke n’ fire ($12) really burnt your tongue with the pickled habanero! Make sure you keep a jar of water handy! The beef patty was well done, much juicier than mine. Despite the warm, melting jalapeno jack cheese, the smoky potato threads retained the crunchy texture. The spicy aioli did in fact added some extra heat to the burger! Hmmm… it was so flavorful. The only thing that didn’t quite stand out was their housemade brioche buns. They were fresh but nothing unique and impressive.

smoke n'fire

smoke n’fire

I love sweet potato fries. Whenever we dine out, if I see the place has sweet potato fries on the menu, I always order them. ReGrub is no exception. Their sweet potato fries ($4) was soft on the inside, extra crispy on the outside. The spicy aoili was just like the one from A&W, my favorite spot for those salty-sweet badass fries 🙂

sweet potato fries with spicy aioli

sweet potato fries with spicy aioli

You know how some burgers being too saucy that you end up making a mess with you hands while eating? Regrub’s burgers were not like that. They had the right proportion of toppings vs sauce for each serving. I really liked the different varieties of burgers on the menu, making it adventurous to dine here. When I say “varieties,” it is more than just serving beef, chicken and fish burgers. They actually have some innovative creations. For that, I’m willing to pay a bit extra. However, I hope they improve on their consistency in meat doneness and the uniqueness of their buns. For now, it will be our to-go spot for burgers (definitely much better than Clive, if you used to be a regular customer there)

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