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Kev bought a $40 for $20 coupon for this restaurant few days ago so we gave this place a try on the halloween night. This place is located on 17th ave, in the basement of a building. To enter the restaurant, you have to walk around to the back of the building.

The restaurant is unexpectedly big and has a quite modern design. Despite that it wasn’t busy on a Thursday night, our food took some time to arrive…

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Tempura (regular)

I wasn’t very impressed with the tempura. The shrimps are heavily coated with the tempura batter. As a result, it is oily and all I could taste is the bits of batter. Also, the dipping sauce that comes with it is just not right. Usually, tempura is served with the tentsuyu sauce and grated daikon white radish. However, all we were given is a soy sauce.

Nabeyaki Udon

Nabeyaki Udon

The nabeyaki udon is so so. The udon is chewy, the ingredients are alright, but the soup is just too salty. The soup is supposed to be a bit lighter and sweeter. I guess they just put too much soy sauce and salt in it.

Fuji Battleship (top) and Sweet Venom (bottom)

Fuji Battleship (top) and Sweet Venom (bottom)

We also order some fancy sushi rolls. Fuji Battleship is their new invention- made with crab meat, mango, avocado, seared salmon, scallop, topped with mayo sauce and black tobiko. Kev really likes the seared salmon; however, besides the strong taste of seared salmon, you can’t really taste anything else. Sweet Venom is one of their special rolls- made with salmon mango, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, mayo and tobiko. At first, you can taste the sweetness of mango. Then, your mouth is filled with the creamy taste of cream cheese and mayo. This is not really my cup of tea because I am not a fan of mayo or cream cheese.

My review: I would say this is like a no name peanut butter cups. An alternative that some may like but a pale imitation of the real thing.

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