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Yesterday I finally felt a bit better from the flu. Kev and I grabbed a quick lunch at a restaurant that is not too far from your place. The restaurant, Holy Grill, is located on 10 Ave SW, close to 8 St SW. At the entranceyou can see a huge menu on the brick wall. This place serves only breakfast and lunch. At lunch time, the restaurant is fully packed with people- some sitting, some waiting for take-out.

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The kitchen is on the right when you enter. The restaurant has an open kitchen with a big menu put up on top. Vegetarian meals are marked in green so they can be easily spotted.

This place is mainly self-served. When you are ready to order, you have to go up to the counter to make your order. Then, you will be given a buzzer which will notify you when your food is ready. (Kind of remind me of the food courts in Taiwan and Japan). If you are dining in, you have to find your own seats and grab your own utensils, sauce, napkin and cup of water at the station.

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The dining area is quite spacious. The floor-to-ceiling windows brighten up the space. I adore the simplistic, modern interior design.

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Breakfast menu

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Lunch menu

Today's special

Today’s special

The menu is pretty simple and easy to navigate. One side shows the food that is available for breakfast; the other shows what is served at lunch. Panini and burgers are the options for lunch. Sometimes there is a lunch special to choose from. The special that day is Uncle Phil’s Panini, which Kev ordered. I wanted a lighter meal so I ordered the Pacific Panini.

Pacific Panini

Pacific Panini

I really like the Pacific Panini. The bread is thin so you won’t get full immediately from the bread. The smokey flavor of the salmon immediately filled up my mouth. It didn’t leave me with a heavy taste because the spinach and artichoke balance it out.

Uncle Phil's Panini

Uncle Phil’s Panini

Uncle Phil’s Panini is more rich in flavor. It was thickly filled with braised top sirloin, fried onion, green peppers and mozzarella cheese. The meat was nicely braised- it dissolved immediately after you put it in your mouth. Personally, I like the sweet aftertaste. Kev also really likes the rich flavor of this dish and how filling it made him 😛 He wishes that it is one of their main menu items. The sweet potato chips is also very impressive. It is crispy and not oily at all. If you like beets, you can try their beet chips!

I would say that most dishes are fairly priced, given the portion of the food they are giving you. In contrast, their sides are a bit more pricey (their soup is $4.75 and side salad is $5.5).

Food is served fast here. However, if you don’t want to wait (especially at peak hours), you can download the Holy Grill app onto your smartphone (available at iTunes and GooglePlay store) and make your order online. That way, it will cut you some time waiting in line.

My review: It is like a brownie. The food is filling, rich in flavor, not too expensive, and leaves you a good dining experience. Especially after getting a cold, it is a good remedy.

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  1. I want to try this soo bad. Sounds so much better than what we had yesterday. 🙂

  2. I wanted to go try but it’s closed on Sundays v_v. Another time awaits!

  3. hahaha FOODAHOLIC!!! XDXD

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