Kanpai Sushi on 8th

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Kev and I passed by this Japanese restaurant that was newly opened 6 months ago near our neighborhood. It is located on 8th st and 14 ave SW. We were excited to try this place since there aren’t many Japanese restaurants near where we live.

The interior is modern and elegant. The comfortable seating and great ambiance allowed us to relax and enjoy our meal. The server was nice and friendly. Most importantly, they didn’t keep us waiting too long to have our food served.

Beef Teriyaki Don

Beef Teriyaki Don

Crazy Buster (top) and Rapture Roll (bottom)

Crazy Buster (top) and Rapture Roll (bottom)

We ordered the beef teriyaki don ($9.95) and two house special rolls- crazy buster ($14.50) and rapture roll ($13.50) to share. The beef teriyaki was delicious with the slightly sweet taste from the teriyaki sauce. I really liked the Japanese style salad with the light, ginger dressing on the side. The crazy buster came with spicy tuna tempura roll wrapped with fresh tuna and served with unagi sauce and green onion. I liked it that this roll wasn’t too creamy and you could really taste that the fish was quite fresh. In addition to spicy salmon and tuna, the rapture roll came with prawn tempura, cucumber and avocado in the middle and tobiko, green onion on top. It had a bit of the crunchy texture because of the prawn tempura.

Overall, I think Kanpai offers a variety of choices from sushi, sashimi, don to noodles. The food is delicious and fairly reasonably priced. We are happy that there is somewhere convenient for us to go to when we are craving for some Japanese food!

My review: My experience at Kanpai is like the Lindola chocolate- somewhere that is well-priced and serves a wide range of menu items with good quality.

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