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Just got back from Vancouver, didn’t know what to cook at home (our fridge was all empty). Kev and I decided to try out this pizzeria on 17th avenue which we heard serves some delicious thin crust pizza.

We got there just before dinner time so we could grab a table without waiting. The restaurant was a bit small and crammed with lots of people. There is so little space between tables that I had to walked cautiously trying not to knock things over on the neighboring tables. Despite the crowdedness and noisiness, I love its upscale, modern design, esp the bar and kitchen area. The cooking aroma from the kitchen made us feel very hungry.

2013-11-11 17.01.04

The pizzas are the main reason we were there so we didn’t order any salads or appetizers.  I’m not sure if that was the reason, we waited for a long time (approx 20 mins) before we got our Salami and Prosciutto pizzas.

Salami Pizza

Salami Pizza

Prosciutto Pizza

Prosciutto Pizza

I really love the crust of the pizza, very thin and crispy. I like the salami pizza more than the prosciutto pizza. The mozzarella cheese and san marzano tomato sauce were just the right amount- they were not too heavy that you would get overwhelmed. The chilies spiced it up a little. On the other hand, the prosciutto was too salty from the prosciutto itself and the provolone piccante cheese. Also, I do not like the bitter taste from the arugula. 

Their pizzas are good but a bit overpriced. It is a good place to dine with friends once in a while.

My review: I will rate this place a homemade chocolate bar- somewhere you can go with friends to share the food and enjoy the ambiance, but the food takes a long time to make. You can get the same quality somewhere else with a cheaper price.

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