Bella Gelataria (Coal Harbour)

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My friend Pat took us to this is a small gelato store in downtown Vancouver for dessert. It is very famous and has won many awards around the world (as you can see from all the framed articles on the wall).

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The gelato is handmade freshly daily. Only fresh ingredients are used. No pre-packaged frozen ingredients. No artificial stabilizers or additives.

Lavender & earl grey (right) and stracciatella (left) flavor gelato

Lavender & earl grey (right) and stracciatella (left) flavor gelato

I must say this place serves THE BEST gelato. I have never had any gelato that is as fine and smooth as it is. I am amazed by its silky texture. It is not too heavy or creamy. You can never get sick of it from eating too much. There is a variety of flavors to choose from. I love the lavender & earl grey flavor. Stracciatella is slightly sweeter.

Their gelato isn’t cheap but it is worth it. You must try it at least once in a lifetime.

My review: It is the chocolate coated golden apples. So good that it’s mythical.

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