Love In Saskatoon: 7 Date Ideas That’ll Guarantee A Good Time

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It’s summer! That means it’s time to get out and have some fun! To spice up our summer romance, Kev and I flew from Calgary to Saskatoon for a quick weekend getaway. In just 2 days, we did so much and had a ton of fun! Who knew this prairie city could be so romantic? If you’re looking for things to do in Saskatoon for couples, try out these unique date ideas!

Date Ideas Saskatoon Fun Things To Do

1| Get Outside and Bike Along the Riverbank

Take advantage of the warm weather and go biking together!

Saskatoon has plenty of bike trails worth exploring, but one of the most popular and scenic ones is the Meewasin Trail. Running along both sides of the South Saskatchewan River, the Meewasin Trail promises a spectacular sightseeing opportunity.

Date Ideas Saskatoon Fun Things To Do

couples who bike together stay together

The 60 km-bike-path will lead you through numerous parks and attractions along the way, including the iconic Delta Bessborough Hotel, the exotic-looking Zhongshan Ting, and the brand new Remai Modern Art Gallery. As you’re pumping up your vitamin D level, you will also get a boost to your happy hormones!

Accessing the trail is easy. There are multiple access points throughout the city. Click here for the trail map and further details on all the attractions you’ll encounter.

Need help with bike rental? There are several bike shops in Saskatoon. Check out Bike Doctor, Bike Universe, or Bruce’s Cycle Works. Sometimes your hotel might even provide free bikes!

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2| Soak Up Some Culture at Remai Modern

A museum date is always a great idea. You get to explore and see interesting things that naturally spark conversation. Plus, it’s weather-proof!

Wondering which museum to pick? We’ve got the perfect place for you!

Remai Modern – the newest museum in Saskatoon, is all about present-day creativity. From conceptual paintings to mixed-media installations, there is an expansive collection of modern and contemporary art waiting to stimulate your mind.

Date Ideas Saskatoon Fun Things To Do

admiring the art at Remai Modern

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an avid art fan to appreciate what’s inside. The artworks reflect on funny and frustrating things that happened in our daily lives so it is engaging and relatable.

3| Feed Your Soul at The Hollows

If you and your date both love food, then what better way than to try out delicious places together!

Impress your food-loving valentine with a delicious meal at The Hollows. Hidden inside the historic Golden Dragon building, The Hollows serves contemporary dishes made with unique ingredients that grow in the area, such as crabapples, pineapple weeds, rose hips, and sea buckthorn berries.

When you step into the restaurant, you will likely be taken aback. The lantern lighting and vintage Chinese decor will make you wonder if you’re at the wrong place. Fret not. The venue used to be a Chinese restaurant, but it no longer serves Chinese food. The aesthetics of the old restaurant decor somehow gives it a charming old world atmosphere.

Date Ideas Saskatoon Fun Things To Do

brunching at The Hallows: (from top to bottom) chicken waffle, breakfast poutine, braised pork jowel

The Hollows is one of the best Saskatoon restaurants so you can’t go wrong with what you order. Their menu changes daily based on what is in season. But if you get a chance, try its chicken waffle with sriracha honey – it’s so delicious, there’s no room for words.

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4| Stroll Through Riversdale and Shop for Each Other

Have some fun and go shopping together! It is a great way to learn more about your date’s styles and preferences.

Riversdale is a fantastic place to do so. This revitalized neighborhood is the new hub for hip local businesses and trendy boutiques. Why not spoil your date with a sweet gift?

Some of the stores we adore include: Last Shoes, Green Ark Collected Home, Soul Paper, Hardpressed, and Hazlewood.

Date Ideas Saskatoon Fun Things To Do

trying out new shoes at Last Shoes

We’re not done yet! This is a 2-part series in collaboration with Tourism Saskatoon. Check out the last 3 date ideas on the Saskatooning blog! Enjoy <3


Saskatoon, Canada is a fun summer destination for a romantic getaway! There are so many unique and romantic things to do for couples. Click through to find out all the date ideas you can do at this Canadian destination to make you fall in love all over again. #saskatoon #saskatchewan #Canada #newlyweds #couplestravel #honeymoon #honeymoontravel #romanticgetaway #travelcanada #travelguide #tripplanning #traveltips #itinerary #thingstodo #traveldestinations #summertravels #instagramspots



Saskatoon, Canada is a fun summer destination for a romantic getaway! There are so many unique and romantic things to do for couples. Click through to find out all the date ideas you can do at this Canadian destination to make you fall in love all over again. #saskatoon #saskatchewan #Canada #newlyweds #couplestravel #honeymoon #honeymoontravel #romanticgetaway #travelcanada #travelguide #tripplanning #traveltips #itinerary #thingstodo #traveldestinations #summertravels #instagramspots


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  1. What a fun way to explore your hometown and keep your relationship fresh! Those chicken waffle with sriracha honey look like something I would very much like to dive into and I love hopping on a bike as long as there isn’t too much traffic. People often lament about not being able to afford to travel and my response is always that there is a big wide world right out your front door, discovering it with your partner in life is even better!

  2. We didn’t get to see Kevin’s legs in Quebec. Worth the wait:) We would be all about the river trail. I don’t know if we’d do all 60 KM but we could certainly try. Saskatoon looks like a fun date town.

  3. What great ideas to keep the romance alive! My boyfriend and I are constantly thinking up new things to do keep it interesting here in Nashville. The Hollows seem cool!

  4. This is what I love about blogging: you just took me somewhere that I would have never thought about. Saskatoon. Love the name of it, but know nothing about it. The Remai Modern museum would definitely draw me in. I can’t wait to read more about this area.

  5. Anything on a bike and you have me sold! That an the cultural taste at Remai Modern – for some reason I feel like a bug drawn to the neon lights. Maybe it was my time in Las Vegas that did that to me, lol. Looks like fun things to do even for a single gal like me!

  6. Great post with great ideas! Saskatoon looks great, makes me jealous of anyone in america who can just jet there easily!

  7. It looks like you found plenty of fun things to do in Saskatoon! I would tour the Remai Modern. I always find conceptual art interesting, and I like your pict of the neon light installation. And your brunch at the Hollows looks wonderful. Interesting and kind of quirky that they kept the old Chinese restaurant decor.

  8. I have to admit I didn’t stop in Saskatoon as I more interested to see how quickly I could drive from Edmonton to Regina. He he. But it looks like you found quite a bit to do. Is Saskatoon like the rest of provence? very flat to make cycling easy? Next time i am in the area, I hope to stop of there.

  9. Some really nice things to do here it looks like! The bike ride sounds leisurely and I always love a good art museum. Can’t wait to see the other 3!

  10. My husband and I would love to ride the bike!! That is one of our favorite things to do In new cities! 

  11. Great post with great ideas! Saskatoon looks amazing. I would love to visit

  12. I have family in Saskatoon, but I haven’t been to the city in a couple of years. Definitely seems like a time to revisit Saskatoon. The chicken waffle with siracha honey seems like it would be worth the drive up from Edmonton.

  13. I love all these date ideas! I would love to visit the Remai Modern someday (it looks so cool and interesting) with my partner. I love that the artwork there is relatable because that just makes it such a great conversation starter.

  14. I never realized Saskatoon had such cool sites! I agree that I would have wondered about a Chinese decorated, non-Chinese restaurant! A fun day!

  15. What a romantic and great weekend trip. Saskatoon surely seems a very nice place e to visit for a short trip and pms es like these only get discovered when people like you share. To be honest I had never heard of this place even. The bike ride and walks along the river is a great way to unwind and soak in the atmosphere. Thanks for sharing a great destination. 

  16. Some times all you need are two days to create lifelong memories! Isn’t it? Saskatoon looks like a charming little gem of a place which no one knows about. I would be interested in checking out the food here. I hope good vegan food is available! Strolling through Riversdale also appeals to me. I love walking in a new place.

  17. I haven’t heard about Saskatoon. But what a pleasant surprise. Its a beautiful city and best way to explore any city is to take bicycle ride. I loved The Hollows. Food is important part of the journey for me. I love how people can go creative with various ingredients. Good Read

  18. Wow great ideas to keep the romance alive during an outdoor trip. Biking around the river side with your loved ones is always a great idea. Saskatoon is charming place with many things to do with partner. Strolling through Riversdale and shopping through boutiques is also another good idea.

  19. Thanks for sharing these date ideas. Biking together and tasting the various foods would be an awesome date. You’ll get to know which foods you both like and share ideas as well. And of course taking photos for keeping memories.

  20. Saskatoon looks like a lovely city with so many romantic experiences. You’ve listed some great date ideas for a couple vacation in the city. Biking along the riverbank would be my favourite. I would also love to try some delicious and authentic flavours at The Hollows. I’m amused to know about the unique ingredients they use – pineapple weeds, rose hips etc.

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