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miro tea seattle ballard

If you’re ever in Seattle, I would totally recommend you to drop by Ballard. This neighborhood is gorgeous – not only is it closely associated with Nordic heritage, it also has some of the best restaurants, shops and parks in Seattle. Today, I am going to show you a tea & dessert shop which Kev and I discovered and completely fell in love with!

miro tea seattle ballard 2

One thing I really liked about this place was its bright, simple decor and the peaceful, zen atmosphere surrounding you. In fact, it was so quiet and comfortable that many people came here to study and work. For more social, interactive people, there’s a small shelf of board games at the back of the store 😀

miro tea seattle ballard 3

One thing that’s worth mentioning was its comprehensive selection of tea. Everyday, they offer 4 different tea at their “tea bar” for customers to sample. If you’re interested in purchasing a bag of tea, you can flip through their book-thick tea menu and see which of the 200 kinds of tea and herbals they sourced from around the world catch your attention. Of course, you can also ask the staff. That’s a much faster way to find out what you might like and they seemed to be quite knowledgeable. I took a look at their tea menu and it seemed to me that they offered vast varieties of good quality, simple tea. Nothing crazy or fancy that you will typically find in big tea chains like Teavana or David’s Tea.

We had a cup of London fog (USD$3.75). The strong earl grey flavour was delightful! The fragrance pleasantly lingered in your mouth after each swallow. I also liked the use of lightly sweetened, steamed milk to prevent it from overpowering the taste of earl grey.

dulce vida

dulce vida

Besides tea, they also served crepes and sandwiches. Trust me, you don’t want to miss their homemade crepes!! Before getting into how tasty they were, let me mention how thoughtful the staff was. She knew that we were sharing so she separated it into 2 plates, making it convenient for us to consume this heavenly goodness!

dulce vida

dulce vida

Their crepes were all made with whole wheat flour. The sweet ones were made with a touch of bourbon. The dulce de leche from dulce vida (USD$6.5) added extra sweetness, but the banana slices, chopped peanuts and whipped cream balanced it well. I particularly like the whipped cream that was made with ricotta cheese. It was clever to use ricotta cheese to lend a richer flavor and grainy texture to it.

What an pleasant afternoon! I wished there’s such a cafe in Calgary for people to relax and enjoy simple, good quality tea. I will miss the crepes for sure 🙂

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  1. Miro sounds like a lovely place to visit in the Seattle area. Those crepes appear to be worth the trip, yummy! Thanks for sharing your visit with the group at Fiesta Friday!

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  3. Welcome to FIesta Friday and thanks for sharing your experiences at Miro in Seattle. I love Seattle, and will definitely try this place on my next trip there. Love the crepes, they look amazing! Enjoy the weekend. 🙂

  4. What a lovely place. I love the dessert as well. 😀

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