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calgary himalayan 2

This is our first time trying Nepali cuisine. It was a year ago when I tried to dine here with my friend without making a reservation. I still remembered clearly, we were being told right away that there was no way we could secure a table that evening. We understood they might have been fully booked that day, but we were quite disappointed with the hostess’ attitude to make no attempt to explain the situation to us at all. For a long while, I refused to even go near it. Until recently, it reopened after summer-long renovation. I thought maybe its service might have improved as well and deserve a try. This time, I ensured I made a reservation beforehand.

Compared to its former casual setting, this place has transformed into a classy, elegant restaurant. Given its romantic, intimate ambiance, it is definitely a perfect spot to bring a date 🙂

himalayan calgary

After sitting at a table, my attention was instantly drawn to the wall of wine. Too bad Kev can’t drink and I am not a wine lover.

Our server patiently explained the menu to us and provided suggestions based on our dietary preferences. However, we found it quite odd that she couldn’t point out which was the most popular dish in this restaurant. Was that even a hard question?

Anyway, we settled for pork momo ($7.75) as appetizer.

pork momo (6 pcs)

pork momo (6 pcs)

This traditional Nepali delicacy is very similar to Chinese steamed dumplings! The momo was prepared with thin outer wrap and ground pork filling. Biting into the momo, my mouth was immediately filled with coriander fragrance. The meat filling was moist and accompanied with intensively flavored broth that was collected during the steaming process. Hmm… it reminded me of the famous steamed dumplings from Din Tai Fung in Taiwan. The tomato and spice-based dipping sauce on the side added extra spiciness to the dish.

mango fruity

mango fruity

Mango fruity ($16.5) contained chicken and creamy mango, tomato and cashew nut sauce. It was served with saffron rice, potato & black eyed pea salad, and flat bread. I enjoyed the sweet creamy sauce and tender chicken chucks. The rice was surprisingly light and airy. The potatoes and peas were nicely cooked and mixed with ingredients, producing gentle, sweet flavor that resembled Japanese white miso.

lamb grill calgary himalayan

Himalayan grill with lamb

I don’t quite like the distinct odor of lamb so I usually don’t order lamb dishes at restaurants. On the contrary, Kev doesn’t smell that odor and he doesn’t have any problem with lamb so he tried the himalayan grill with lamb ($18.95). The dish was served on a sizzling plate with tomato-based soup, saffron rice, flatbread and potato & black-eyed pea salad on the side. The lamb was marinated in Nepali herbs and spices, but we found that it was too spicy (we ordered medium spicy) to taste any flavours in the lamb. On top of that, the meat was too dry and hard. Neither of us liked it.

Overall, it was an interesting eatery adventure for us. We have never been to Nepal so it was nice to explore what Nepali cuisine tastes like. Besides the momo, we didn’t quite find the main dishes extraordinary. Also, its dinner menu is somewhat on the pricier end. As first timers, maybe trying their lunch buffet would have been a wiser option.

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  1. Nice!! I should be more daring and try some of these things, they do look good- thanks for sharing!

  2. Mmmm looks lovely! Great ambiance and some delicious food there, although I like your suggestion on trying it for lunch first. Thanks for sharing this restaurant with us! Happy Fiesta Friday! 🙂

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