Top Toronto Cafes That Will Warm Your Soul

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Toronto has a bustling and vibrant café scene, with a gazillion cafés scattered all over the city. Even if you try, it is impossible to try them all in just a few days. Lucky us, my Torontonian foodie friend, Jean, knows the best secrets in the city and introduced us to the coolest and tastiest places we would ever need to know. If you have a serious obsession with caffeine, bookmark the cafés I’ve rounded up for you below. Next time when you visit Toronto, you’ll know exactly the place to get a caffeine fix!

  1. Jimmy’s Coffee: To say Jimmy’s is superb is a bit of an understatement. Already an established brand in downtown Toronto, Jimmy’s is many Torontonians’ first choice when it comes to a good cup of coffee. Now with 5 locations across the city, it is evident how serious they are about creating premium coffee tasting experience for its customers. When we visited Jimmy’s at its first location at 107 Portland Street, we instantly fell in love with it. The shop was managed by friendly staff who made us feel right at home and had a community feel that we don’t normally see at a big chain. And of course, their coffee was amazing.[easy-image-collage id=5044]

    Jimmy's Coffee - Top Toronto Cafes

  2. Clockwork Coffee: Nowhere else can compete with Clockwork Coffee. You’ll know I’m not bluffing after just one sip. While pour-over is the focus there, I strongly recommend ordering the cold brew. Infused with nitrogen, the cold brew achieves a new standard of elevated taste and texture. The rich colour, depth of flavour and creamy texture were spot-on. Compared to regular cold brew, the nitro-version is crisper, cleaner, less acidic and slightly sweeter. Even better, you get to watch the bubbles rise to the top and the foam to settle before you drink it! I also loved its iced latte, which is prepared with a martini shaker and served without ice. This technique allows the latte to be chilled and prevents the watered down taste. It will seriously make you re-think how your iced latte should taste like! Clockwork Toronto - Top Toronto Cafes
  3. Plentea: Tea lovers, I’ve got you covered. No matter what mood you’re in, Plentea has a tea recipe for you. Looking for an energy boost? Black Velvet and Thai Dragon are both popular options with a black tea base. For a refresher, Coconut Cream is the top choice. Going with a no tea bag concept, nothing is pre-blended at this specialty tea bar. Each cup is made to order and can be customized to your liking. Their tea blends are truly unique and are like nothing I’d tasted before! Plentea Tea Bar - Top Toronto CafesPlentea Tea Bar - Top Toronto Cafes

Of course, there are many more cafes in Toronto, awaiting to be explored. This is just a short list to get your started. Let me know your thoughts if you happen to visit any of the above! I would love to find out what’s your favourite!

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I visit Toronto often from Ottawa and love trying out new places. Have you tried Early Bird Coffee on Queen Street W? A new favourite!

    • You’re welcome 🙂 No, I haven’t tried Early Bird Coffee – their chai seed pudding looks interesting!! I will need to try it next time I visit TO. Thanks for the recommendation!

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