Toronto Cheap Eats: Best Food For Under $20

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Restaurants in Toronto can be pricey, but there are many more that you can enjoy for well under $20. I have scouted a few wallet-friendly restaurants in Toronto that will keep you full and on a budget!

Toronto Cheap Eats - Best Restaurants For Under $20

01| Banh Mi Boys

Offering a variety of modern Vietnamese subs and Asian baos, Banh Mi Boys does not disappoint in the cheap, delicious eats department. At peak hours, the restaurant is often jam-packed with hungry diners waiting for fun fusion food that are sure to tantalize taste buds. Their fried chicken steamed bao ($4) and kimchi fries ($6.50) will have you rave about for days afterwards.

Pro tip: still hungry? Order a club bao ($6) off the secret menu to enjoy the double pleasure of fried chicken AND pork belly.

02| Nana

Craving authentic Thai street eats? Then, look no further than Nana. Mimicking Thai street stalls, Nana certainly delivers when it comes to affordable meals. All the main dishes are under $20, like a $15 pad mama with hot dog. Top it up with a glass of thai iced tea ($4.5) to make it even more divine! Coming with a group of friends? Why not order a few starters to share? Their tom yum kung ($6) and papaya salad ($10) are highly recommended.

Pro tip: To get that authentic tongue-tingling spicy sensation, ask for “Thai-spicy.” It will get you sweating madly but completely satisfying!

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03| Wvrst

Amidst the bustle of Fashion District, there is a beer-and-sausage hall that you don’t want to miss. Wvrst serves up artisan sausages ($6.5-$9), with many different combinations that will make your mouth water. From traditional, game, to vegetarian, Wvrst has got you covered. My favourite is the bison sausage ($9) in currywvrst style, which blends the delicate sweet flavours of blueberry and maple with tangy curry-tomato sauce.

Pro tip: For extra creaminess, add “melted swiss raclette cheese” for only $4!

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04| PAI

Don’t expect a quiet, serene atmosphere at PAI because this eatery is almost always buzzing with activity. What you can look forward to, however, is a high-energy ambiance and a meal that’s both delicious and wallet-friendly. PAI serves up Northern Thai food with wildly unique flavors, with nothing priced above $15. One of the most unique dishes there is the Khao Soi ($13) crispy fried egg noodles dipped in a golden curry!

05| Wilbur Mexicana

What’s better than a taco? Nothing. Located right in the heart of Fashion District, Wilbur Mexicana has a full menu of Mexican street food, including tacos, burritos, quesadillas and fajitas. Though it might seem outrageous to pay $3.75~$4.25 for one taco, two of them are a meal in itself. My favourites are pork and bulgogi.

Pro Tip: For extra flavours, head towards the salsa bar and grab a hot sauce that fits your taste!

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These 5 restaurants are just a few places where you can enjoy food without breaking the bank. No doubt, there are plenty more affordable options throughout the city that offer delicious eats. Do you know any other amazing and affordable dining options in Toronto? Tell me! I’d like to hear from you.


Looking for cheap eats in Toronto? Check out these best food for under $20.



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  1. I’ve totally pinned this! We’re going to be in Toronto for a few weeks next year. This is going to be so helpful! Thank you 😀

  2. Seems like we enjoy the same type of food. We are fans of Asian food and we are known in the establishments located close to us.  I have not tried kimchi fries yet.  I have heard they are delicious.

    • There are so many selection for Asian food in Toronto! One week was not enough for us to sample them all. Yes, you must try the kimchi fries. You can even make them at home! *kimchi nacho* is delicious too! Thanks for dropping by, Ruth!

  3. I’ll have to check out some of these places next time I’m in Toronto. That city has really stepped up their restaurant/foodie game in the last 5 years. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh damn!! We need to go to Toronto just for the cheap eats. Seriously!! They all look great!

  5. Tacos are my favorite food in general, and if they are cheap that is a bonus. Would not have expected good tacos in Toronto but nice to know where to find them.

  6. I hope to being visiting Toronto this year- keeping this info handy!

  7. Very tasty choice for under $20, Cat. I have only one problem with all of them: they all seem very fattening and generally that’s the problem with cheap food. The lower the price, the more fattening it is. At least that’s my experience with it.

    • Thanks, Anda! Yes, sadly, that’s true. I think I might have gained a bit of weight after my Toronto trip. Overall, I find it hard to eat healthy while traveling 🙁

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  9. I can’t believe I have never been to Banh Mi Boys. What’s wrong with me? Your photos and description definitely made me want to go asap. Fully agree with your Pai recommendation – delicious!

    • What?! Then you should go to Banh Mi Boys and order the Club Bao!! I am also interested in knowing how their banh mi tastes 😛 Let me know what you think of it!

  10. I would love eating at any of these places. The food looks amazing. When we were in Toronto in 2010 we lived on Spadina Street and ate at some Asian Restaurants along that street near Chinatown. The food was amazing and so cheap. We enjoyed watching dumplings being made in the window.

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  12. Thanks for this great article. Actually, it helps me a lot as it helps me to get food that are affordable and doesn’t break my bank.
    Thanks again for this detailed guide.

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