Best Tokyo Luxury Hotel To Experience Tokyo Like A Local

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There are many different ways to experience authentic Japan in Tokyo. You can have sushi breakfast at the world’s largest fish market, pay a visit to the imperial palace, or dress up in traditional kimono. But you probably won’t equate staying at a hotel chain to an authentic local experience. Our recent stay at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills proved otherwise. How exactly did this Tokyo luxury hotel help us experience the city like a local? Read on!

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel

Source: Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills: Connecting Guests With The Local Culture

Andaz, Hyatt’s luxury lifestyle brand, is known for incorporating a uniquely local perspective in its properties. Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills is no exception.

Located in the business district of Toranomon Hills, Andaz Tokyo is committed to creating inspiring experiences that immerse guests in the local culture. You are encouraged to relish your personal style and get inspired by the spirit of the local community. This philosophy permeates through every aspect of Andaz Tokyo, from its design, dining options to service.

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel

Source: Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

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The Hotel’s Design

Upon arrival at Andaz Tokyo, it was difficult not to notice its stunning modern and minimalist spaces. Meticulously designed by Tony Chi & Associates and SIMPLICITY, the decor combines Japanese cultural elements and modern aesthetics. As a result, the overall design is simple yet sophisticated, minimal yet functional. Every corner is tastefully decorated that you’ll wander jaws-to-the-floor in awe of the work of art.

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills

Artwork in elevator

Take the elevators, for example. Artworks made out of Japanese washi paper adorn the elevators, accompanying you as you ride to the top of Toranomon Hills Tower. At the lobby, the kumiko wood mosaic brings the walls to life.

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills

Kumiko wood mosaic in the lobby

The Guestrooms

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills

Tower View King

Japanese elements are continually evident in the guestrooms, spanning from the 47th to 50th floor. Starting at 50 square meters, the spacious guestrooms integrate natural materials and textures, such as washi paper, wood and Japanese fusuma and shoji, into the design to achieve a harmony between beauty, luxury, and comfort.

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills


Inspired by Japanese bath culture, the bathroom comes equipped with a deep soaking circular tub. Andaz Tokyo original Yukata and slippers are provided to make you feel at home. For the ultimate relaxation, we suggest brewing a pot of hojicha tea after a bath and pairing it with Japanese rice crackers. These items are all complimentary from the mini bar.

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills-1

All the rooms boast incredible views of the city skyline. Perched on top of one of Tokyo’s highest buildings, Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills offers sweeping, unobstructed views. As you can imagine, my favourite thing to do was lying on the couch by the large windows, sipping a cup of freshly brewed tea while admiring the iconic Tokyo Tower.

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills

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What impressed us the most about this Tokyo luxury hotel is its high-tech room amenities. A Bose bluetooth speaker and a modern TOTO toilet (with bidet spray and warm toilet seat) are the basics.

The real game changer is the smartphone service ‘handy. With it, you can travel like a local. It allows you to stay connected with free unlimited local and select international calls, free internet access, and speed dial to hotel services. In addition, the Tokyo city guides will help you discover what the city has to offer!

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills

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52nd Floor Dining: the SUSHI & Rooftop Bar

There certainly is no lack of choice when it comes to dining at this luxury hotel in Tokyo. From Western-style cuisine to fine patisserie, Andaz Tokyo knows how to entertain your culinary desires. Just look at the wide array of Japanese dishes offered at its breakfast buffet. Prepared with fresh, seasonal local ingredients, the traditional Japanese breakfast kept our bellies satisfied and put a grin on our face every morning!

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills

For an authentic sushi experience, the SUSHI on the 52nd floor will feed you the finest and freshest sushi and sashimi that exceed your expectations! Sitting at the 8-seat sushi counter, you are guaranteed an attentive service and intimate interaction with the master chef.

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills Sushi Bar

Both a la carte and omakase menus are available. Unless you know exactly what you like, we highly recommend the omakase service (15,000 yen). It includes 3 small dishes, 3 types of sashimi, 10 nigiri sushi, 1 maki roll, miso soup, and fruits. On our visit, we were blown away by the freshness of the seafood. EVERYTHING – from the prawn, scallop to sea urchin – was super fresh that the taste was sweet!!

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills

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After dinner, swing by the Rooftop Bar for a late night drink! The open-air terrace is a popular hangout place in the evening to admire the spectacular Tokyo skyline. While you’re there, don’t miss out on the creative cocktails which highlight local, seasonal ingredients. Our top pick were the winter season whisky ice ball cocktails, which present classic whisky cocktails in an innovative way.

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills

Source: Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills rooftop bar

whisky ice ball cocktail

AO Spa: A True Retreat in the Vibrant Heart of Tokyo City.

Of all the beautiful spaces within Andaz Tokyo, my personal favourite was The AO Spa. Not only does it have a calming, airy interior, all of the treatment rooms overlook the city through expansive windows. That instantly puts you in a cheery mood!

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills

One thing worth noting is the ability to create your own jiyujizai personalized spa treatments. Based on personal style and needs, you can select a scent or, in some cases, choose custom ingredients from the Blend Bar. Under the care of the professional therapist, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated!

Andaz Tokyo Luxury Hotel Toranomon Hills

‘Arrive a visitor, depart a local’ – Andaz Tokyo has lived up its to motto. We arrived at this Tokyo luxury hotel with an eager desire to explore the city and left with a deep appreciation of the Japanese culture. If you’re looking to experience Tokyo like a local, stay at Andaz Tokyo!

About Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills


Want to experience Tokyo like a local? Stay at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. This Tokyo luxury hotel will give you an authentic local experience! #japantravel #bestplacestostay



Want to experience Tokyo like a local? Stay at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. This Tokyo luxury hotel will give you an authentic local experience! #japantravel #bestplacestostay


Disclaimer: This post is written in partnership with Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. As always, all opinions on For Two, Please are my own and I only recommend brands that I 100% stand behind.

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  1. This hotel looks amazing. It is how I would imagine a luxury hotel in Japan, minimalistic and clean. The view and food look amazing. I would love to stay at this hotel. A personalized spa treatment sounds amazing. I would love that right now 😀

  2. This place looks amazing! I’ve never even heard of a personalized spa treatment (clearly I need to get more spa treatments.) I love that the room was so spacious and had a great view of the Tokyo Tower as well! 

  3. That hotel looks so stylish! Love that it looks modern while still retaining the traditional Japanese minimalist vibe. The spas and restaurants look amazing, too… but I have to say my favorite hotel feature has to be that stunning view of the Tokyo Tower! Wow!

  4. Love this hotel already. I’m definitely going to have to stay here the net time I’m in Japan. I love the circular tub and that whiskey looks so cool! O! And that sushi!!! I want it all 🙂

  5. What an incredibly beautiful hotel! Andaz is really my choice of luxury hotels and this one doesn’t disappoint. The reception is stunning, and those views magnificent. A great choice for Tokyo.

  6. Wow! It looks like they really go above and beyond to showcase Japanese culture. We like to immerse ourselves with cultural experiences when we travel. But, the coolest things is the smartphone! I wonder why more hotels don’t offer this service?

  7. This seems like an amazing experience. The view of Tokyo Tower is incredible. I love the Japanese paper in the elevator. But the best to me is the food! I love a good Japanese breakfast. And I like Japanese whisky, so I’m sure I’d like the cocktails too.

  8. I dream of places like this!! Sushi looks incredible!! And the decor is amazing! So detailed and so beautiful! One day…

  9. OMG the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Hotel looks completely amazing!! I loved the design and the picture of the view from the window is completely amazing! When I visit Tokyo I’ll definitely stay there!

  10. Lovely hotel you’ve visited in Tokyo with amazing interior decors which really showcase Japanese culture. I’d love to indulge in some of those scrumptious local cuisine. But I certainly won’t think of hotels as living like a local 🙂

  11. I’m all about that view!! That gorgeous living room & photo of you on the couch both drew me in–I’m a sucker for a good view from a hotel. On another note, I’ve never even considered having a warm toilet seat in my life before, but now I feel like I need one, lol.

  12. WHoa, the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills looks amazing and very posh. I love all the simple yet intricate art work throughout the hotel. Its in the details as they say.
    The rooms look ideal for business and adventure travelers alike. I especially love that view from the suite. Wonder how much that room costs a night!
    Even if you didnt stay though I would say this is a must to visit the restaurant and bar. The views from those top floors of Tokyo are hard to beat!

  13. Wow this hotel is like a piece of art itself. Love all the modern artistic details. The rooftop bar sounds like our kinda place bc we like creative cocktails. spa sounds lovely too. Great post! Would love to stay there.

  14. Great timing as we are visiting Japan in a week- however we won’t be able to stay in Andaz 🙁 . Glad they took great care of you guys!

  15. This looks like a beautiful property. I love love love the view from the suite. When we were moving to San Diego, we booked the Andaz Gaslamp on per diem rates. It was a beautiful room and they had such great attention to detail. It looks like the Andaz Tokyo does it right.

  16. I love the aesthetics and art in the hotel. Plus your view of the Tokyo Tower was awesome. I love that they have an app to help you live like a local. Sounds like a wonderful hotel to stay at.

  17. What a stunning view of the Tokyo Tower from the Hotel. Love the minimalist style of the hotel. We loved those fancy Japanese toilets when we were in Japan – warm seats and all.

  18. The Andaz hotel looks really luxurious and elegant with some great views too. I have stayed at the Hyatt Andaz in Gurgaon, Delhi and found it a really rewarding experience. The Andaz Tokyo has the hallmark of the Hyatt Brand name and quality. Definitely, a great place to stay and explore Tokyo.

  19. Lovely art work in the interiors. They have a replica of Eiffel Tower too! Grand view from the room. I liked the toiletry presentation too. Andaz Hotel definitely is a place to stay and explore Tokyo.

  20. Andaz does seem like a great Tokyo hotel. It is not often that one associates minimalism with luxury, but the hotel manages to pull it off spectacularly. I loved the photo of the Sushi chef, with concentration etched on his face.

  21. The Andaz, Hyatt’s luxury hotel is lovely. I am loving their minimalistic designs and color schemes. The Japanese washi paper in elevators is really beautiful. I can sit there for hours watching that skyline. Food too looks awesome. Overall I loved this property and would love staying with them.

  22. I am fan of Andaz hotels and have stayed in a few. But never ever stayed in Tokyo. This hotel looks amazing with its minimalistic and clean environs. Also, I would love to experience the personalized spa treatment.

  23. Those rooms look super swish and the views are to die for. Definitely seems like its worth a visit. The minimalistic design is my favourite.

  24. Oh my, I love, Love, LOVE the look of this place! I love the contemporary designs with the Japanese elements – very harmonious and well put together. Although I would expect nothing less in Tokyo! I love those incredible arching lights over the curved sofas – what a beautiful design. I would be most relaxed there! And the spa sounds heavenly. Hope to stay here one day! (or for more like 20 days ha ha).

  25. Tokyo is my favouite city just for the reason on which this hotel is built – a mix of conventional and contemporary. I love the fact that its contemporary designs is integrated with the Japanese elements. Looks like a well thought of a plan. Very soothing and comfortable.

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  27. Looks so chic and fun! I’ve heard amazing things about those fancy Japanese toilets, hah! All that fresh sushi also looks incredible. Beautiful place!

  28. I could make my home here for a week or two! I have stayed in several hotels in Tokyo but never the Andaz, I definitely need to remedy that. I have always felt well taken care of in Japanese hotels they are very good about taking care of their guests.

  29. I’m sold!!! When I go to Japan, I want to feel like I’m in Japan and the fact that this hotel connects you with the culture sounds perfect. The artwork in the elevator and lobby is stunning. I can only imagine all the little intricate designs that abound in the hotel. I’ll have to pin this so I remember where I want to stay.

  30. Those views are incredible! I really love the bathrobe you wore as well 😉 I love waking up to music, and connecting my phone to a speaker just truly makes my morning flow so much better. What really sold me on this hotel was not just the decor and the Sushi, but the BIDET with a warm toliet seat!!! Call me crazy, but coming back to those little things makes things so much more homey for me.

  31. What a truly beautiful property! Love the clean interior design, comfortable sitting area in the room, and the relief sculpture in the elevator. The sushi looks amazing. Everything understated and elegant.

  32. Ohh I saw that photo of you by the window on your instagram, so it’s fun to read about where it’s from! The design of this hotel is really blowing me away. It’s just stunning! I would definitely spring for the spa during my visit, too. All your Tokyo posts are just making me want to visit Japan so much!

  33. This hotel is insane and looks so luxurious! The suite setup and view from your room are absolutely amazing – I’d be sold on that view alone. If I was staying here, I think I’d definitely have to check out that spa too!

  34. Oh my goodness this location looks so beyond luxury and aesthetically pleasuring. A suit that size with that view is the suit of my dreams. I love that they kit you with slippers and robes, thats so perfect.  OH and the spa. This is just…..wonderful looking 

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  37. What a luxurious stay you had at the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. I loved the idea of ‘handy’ – that really is a game changer as you have mentioned. The wood mosaics in the lobby was impressive. The views were to die for especially seeing the Tokyo Tower in the distance. I will certainly consider staying here next time I visit Tokyo.

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