Coolest Hotel in Tokyo: Stay Here, Or You Will Seriously Regret It

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On our recent trip to Tokyo, we were enthralled by the charm of the city. It is ultra-modern, advanced, vibrant, and full of life. Most important of all, unusual and quirky activities abound. While searching for the coolest places to stay in Tokyo, Park Hotel Tokyo, in particular, caught our attention. With art as the primary focus, Park Hotel Tokyo turns guest rooms into artwork where you can fully immerse yourself in art. Now, let us show you around the coolest hotel in Tokyo!

Park Hotel Tokyo Luxury Coolest Hotel in Tokyo

Park Hotel Tokyo: Best Luxury Hotel for Design Lovers

If you are into art and design, then you will not want to miss Park Hotel Tokyo. Stepping into the 25th-floor atrium, you know you’re in for a sensory experience.

Park Hotel Tokyo Luxury Coolest Hotel in Tokyo

Natural light shining through the glass ceiling of the ten-storey atrium, creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Not just the atrium, Japanese aesthetics can be found in all corners of Park Hotel Tokyo, including the lobby and individual guest rooms.

Artist Rooms

What truly distinguishes Park Hotel Tokyo from all the others is its Artist Rooms on the 31st floor.

Each of the 31 rooms is individually designed by a different Japanese artist. Through hand-painted murals, the artists transformed the standard rooms into an imaginative space for guests. Some incorporate a black and white color scheme while others use vibrant colors. Each room is an extraordinary artwork itself and guarantees a memorable stay.

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En Room

Park Hotel Tokyo Luxury Coolest Hotel in Tokyo

During our stay, we stayed at En Room, designed by artist Mariko Kobayashi. She used threads as the main material to sew together a forest, one with all kinds of plants and animals. From the walls and ceiling to bed scarf and pillows, you can find her creativity all over the room. Even though we were inside the hotel, we felt we were surrounded by nature!

Using colorful threads, Kobayashi attempted to convey the Japanese concept of En (connection). It is believed that all living things are interconnected. We are connected with everything in nature, and that interconnected and interdependent nature of life should not be forgotten.

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Other Artist Rooms

On our visit, we had the chance to visit other artists rooms. The monochrome Washi room features Japanese traditional paper. Carp room brings the fascinating Chinese legend of the Dragon Carp to life. The tranquility of Japanese countryside is captured in Santoyama Landscapes room. In Wabi-Sabi Room, we try to accept and appreciate imperfection

All the rooms are beautifully designed, making it difficult to even leave the room! Can you see why Park Hotel Tokyo is the coolest luxury hotel in Tokyo?

Centrally-Located with Stunning Tokyo City View

Aside from its artistic design, what we also loved about Park Hotel Tokyo is its convenient location. Set in the buzzing Shiodome area, Park Hotel Tokyo is directly connected to train stations. Only 20 minutes from Haneda Airport and 60 minutes from Narita Airport, you can conveniently access both through Sky Access Line, without transfer.

Ginza and Tsujiki Fish Market are within easy walking distance. Whether you want to go on a shopping spree or have a sushi breakfast at 5 am, it is the best hotel to stay in Tokyo without all the hassle.

Park Hotel Tokyo Luxury best places to stay in Tokyo

Thanks to its location, the hotel also offers stunning views of the city skyline. From the guest rooms, Tokyo city view (including Tokyo Tower!) can be admired through the large windows.

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A Range of Facilities and Services for Your Comfort and Convenience

Art Concierge Service

Guests staying at the Artist Room can enjoy the exclusive Art Concierge Service on the 31st floor. Need help with restaurant reservations or transportation assistance? The concierge is there to help!

Park Hotel Tokyo Luxury best places to stay in Tokyo

The Gallery Room Lounge is located on the same floor. It is opened only to Artist Room guests. Light breakfast is served in the morning and beverages are available throughout the day. For a more hearty breakfast, you will need to head down to the ART Lounge on the 25th floor.

Restaurants & Bar

Despite being surrounded by numerous restaurants, Park Hotel Tokyo houses 3 dining options onsite: Tateru Yoshi Bis serves casual French cuisine, Hanasanshou dishes out traditional Japanese Kaiseki cuisine, and ART Lounge for all-day dining.

Park Hotel Tokyo Luxury best places to stay in Tokyo15

If you like drinking whisky, check out The Society. Offering over 100 kinds of single malt whisky, the Society is the first bar in Japan to gain official recognition by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

Gym & Spa

Want to relax and unwind? Enjoy a massage treatment at THANN Sanctuary! The certified therapist will help you recharge and rediscover a sense of well-being with aromatherapy and massage techniques. In-room massage is also available.

Staying in shape is important while traveling. Luckily, the hotel equipped with a personal fitness gym. Reservation is needed and each session is 45 minutes long.

Where to stay in Tokyo is always a tough question. But if you are looking for the coolest hotel, choose Park Hotel Tokyo. Combining art and luxury, it is no doubt the best place to stay in Tokyo. Stay here, you won’t regret it!

About Park Hotel Tokyo


Artfully designed and conveniently located, Park Hotel Tokyo is the coolest hotel in Tokyo. At this luxury hotel, you can fully immerse yourself in art.



Artfully designed and conveniently located, Park Hotel Tokyo is the coolest hotel in Tokyo. At this luxury hotel, you can fully immerse yourself in art.


Disclaimer: This post is written in partnership with Park Hotel Tokyo. As always, all opinions on For Two, Please are my own and I only recommend brands that I 100% stand behind.

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  1. I love the trend to have artists decorate hotel rooms, it’s so much more fun that the usual bland box. My favorite “hotel” experience was a bunch of abandoned boats that had been decorated by artists, but the Tokyo Park Hotel is quite a bit more upscale, to put it mildly. It looks like a great experience!

  2. What amazing looking rooms. These rooms seem to be a destination in themselves. This place looks modern, new warm and welcoming for guests. A central location makes it even better

  3. This hotel is just a work of art! In addition to be absolutely beautiful I love that it would be an amazing place to hide out for a bit, with its three dining options. It’s also great that it’s centrally located because who wants to hide out when there’s so much to see in Tokyo?! I’ll definitely keep this place in mind for when I finally get to Tokyo! 

  4. I stayed here a couple years ago, but my room didn’t have all that cool art! I wish I had known about that cuz I would have definitely requested it. I love how close this hotel is to the fish market 🙂

  5. Woww this has got to be one of the prettiest hotel rooms I’ve ever seen! I love the artwork! I think I’d pick the Carpi room ^_^ Very cool that it’s also centrally located. So important when traveling!

  6. These rooms are gorgeous! It’s nice that you managed to visit the other artists rooms too, not just the one you were staying in! The restaurant and whiskey services look good too!

  7. I love it when a hotel goes out of its way to really do something different than the rest especially in a very competitive environment like Tokyo. I saw this project posted on FB and was really intrigued so I’m glad your sharing some of the wonderful artist rooms that were done. I absolutely love that first room and ideas.

  8. Oh wow, love the looks of this hotel, looks so chick. And the rooms are so pretty. WOuld seriously consider staying here when I get to Tokyo (which I hope is early next year when I do the marathon)

  9. How amazing to invite the artists to decorate the rooms. How beautiful your room is with the threads and the artist has definitely managed to create a connection not just with nature but with anyone who looks at her work. I think you got to stay in the best room. I think it is the coolest hotel anywhere in the world. I definitely would keep it in mind as and when I get to go to Tokyo.

  10. This looks like a stunning property. It reminds me of when we stayed at the Bike Inn in Bangkok. The art really enhanced the experience and it seems close to everything. It’s also very Instagramable too. We’re looking forward to seeing it on your feed.

  11. I love how rooms are individually decorated and by different artists too. I really thought hotel rooms in Tokyo would be as small as those in HK and SG. It’s actually spacious. I wonder if most hotels are that spacious in Tokyo. I’ve never been to Tokyo. And can you choose the design? What if you were given a room you don’t like?

  12. This is a timely post.  We are visiting Tokyo in October and are just starting to think about accommodations.  This is certainly a very artistic hotel.  Love the art above the bed although I wouldn’t want it to drop on me in the night!  

  13. So cool how each room is personalized by an individual artist. And I love the concept of being connected with nature — especially in a city as massive as Tokyo, it can be hard to remember that. This looks like a super fun place to stay!

  14. Wow this is a beautiful hotel! I love the architecture and the artistic decor. Definitely up my alley. I also would love to visit the Society, I enjoy trying different types of whiskey so this sounds perfect!

  15. It’s lovely, the ceiling art. A little overwhelming but beautiful. Love that it’s centrally located and also has great views of the skyline of Tokyo. Japanese people are so creative!

  16. Your post’s title is so apt. This is indeed a very cool hotel. Love that each room is personalized by an individual artist. I would love to stay in this fun quirky place.

  17. Found your post interesting to read. I cant wait to see your post soon. Good Luck for the upcoming update.This article is really very interesting and effective.

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