Best Accommodation In Aitutaki For The Ultimate Luxury Experience

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Each year, we escape to a tropical destination to celebrate our wedding anniversary. This year is no exception! We flew from Canada to Aitutaki, Cook Islands and indulged ourselves by staying in Pacific Resort Aitutaki – the most romantic and the best resort in the Cook Islands! With white sandy beaches bordering Aitutaki’s turquoise lagoon, this little crescent of heaven has taken our breath away and gave us a holiday we would not forget!

Pacific Resort Aitutaki

Pacific Resort Aitutaki: The Most Luxurious Resort in the Cook Islands

Aitutaki is made for love! The immaculate white sand and azure blue lagoon have attracted honeymooners and couples in search of an idyllic, sun-kissed destination to celebrate their undying love.

To make the most out of your visit to this tropical paradise, a stay at Pacific Resort Aitutaki is a must. Set amongst the purest natural landscape in the Northern-west coast of the island, this beachfront resort is a luxury oasis for those wanting to soak in the natural beauty and indulge in comfort.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki

As a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Pacific Resort Aitutaki meets the highest standards of hospitality. You are guaranteed to be welcomed with high-end amenities and attentive service.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki Accommodation

Quick Note: Wondering how to get to Aitutaki? Air Rarotonga has flights to Aitutaki from Rarotonga running almost every day. But because Pacific Resort Aitutaki has limited rooms, we recommend you check the room availability before you book your flight!

Why Is Pacific Resort Aitutaki the Best Resort in Aitutaki for Couples?

So, why is this luxury resort in the Cook Islands perfect for lovebirds?

Privacy & Seclusion

Pacific Resort Aitutaki has an intimate size, with only 27 bungalows and villas spread throughout the property. Each room is surrounded by lush tropical greenery and has its very own private sundeck looking out over the clear blue waters of the Aitutaki Lagoon. This provides a complete privacy and seclusion for its guests!

Pacific Resort Aitutaki Accommodation

A Room of Tropical Elegance

The bungalows and villas are exquisitely designed with a tropical elegance. Rooms are decorated in contemporary island style with lush earth tones and wooden furnishing. As you enter, you will find warmth and coziness that makes you not want to leave!

The spacious interior is designed with comfort in mind. All room types come with a king-sized bed, living area, bathroom with double vanity and glass shower, and private balcony.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki Accommodation

Modern amenities in the room will make you feel right at home. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, flat screen TV (loaded with movies and TV shows), USB charging outlet, room safe, hairdryer, and Nespresso machine. Complimentary bottles of filtered and UV-treated water provided daily.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki Accommodation

WiFi is available for purchase, but honestly, do you really need it when you’re in paradise with your loved one? 😉

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Access to Aitutaki Lagoon – Right From Your Room!

The beautiful Aitutaki Lagoon is literally just steps away from your room. Feel free to snorkel and explore the reefs on your own!

What’s worth noting is the Aquatic Eco Trail, which consists of six different habitats in the lagoon. You can expect to meet different marine species at each site, including the green sea turtle, angelfish, butterfly fish, and white-spotted eagle ray! Just follow the white buoys to complete the tour.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki Accommodation

Note: Complimentary mask and snorkel sets are provided in your room – so there’s no need to bring your own! Reef shoes, fins, and additional gear can be rented at the front desk.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki Accommodation

Top Notch Service

The service is nothing short of top-notch, as expected of the best luxury accommodation in Aitutaki, Cook Islands.

Complimentary shuttle to and from the airport and evening turndown service are provided to make your stay special!

Daily tours/activities are offered to connect you with the local culture.

It Has Everything You Need

Pacific Resort Aitutaki has put in great efforts to make everything easy for you during your stay. Although it is not an all-inclusive Cook Islands resort, it has everything you’ll ever need on-site.

You have access to the infinity pool (for resident guests only), spa, gym, fine-dining restaurant, and poolside bar. In addition, bicycles available for your use.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki Accommodation

If you need further assistance, e.g., car rental and activity arrangement, the Guest Service is just a phone call away.

Weather in Aitutaki is generally sunny, but in case it rains, Nintendo Wii station and games can be borrowed from the front desk!

Can you see why Pacific Resort Aitutaki is the best hotel for a romantic escape or honeymoon in the Cook Islands?

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Things to Do While You’re in Aitutaki

Days can be spent on the beach doing nothing, but there are plenty of things to do in Aitutaki! Here are some activities you can consider to add to your Cook Islands itinerary!

1| Pamper Yourselves with Spa & Massages

Lose yourselves in pure luxury with a treatment at the onsite spa facility at Pacific Resort Aitutaki! This is the best gift you can give yourself and your loved one.

Tiare Spa offers a variety of beauty and massage treatments to help you focus on your well-being.

2| Enjoy Romantic Dinner on the Beach

Dinner at the resort’s Rapae Bay Restaurant is always a treat. We were impressed by how the chef utilized fresh local produce and seafood to create incredibly mouthwatering dishes.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki Restaurant

Pacific Resort Aitutaki’s Rapae Bay Restaurant

While the restaurant already has a romantic atmosphere, you can inject a little bit more romance into your date night by having a personalized luxury dining on a secluded area of the beach!

Pacific Resort Aitutaki offers a few different set-up options and menus to plan an unforgettable night under the stars for your special someone!

Pacific Resort Aitutaki Restaurant

Dinner at Rapae Bay Restaurant

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3| Explore Aitutaki Lagoon & Go Island Hopping

You can’t leave Aitutaki without going out and exploring its beautiful lagoon! Just look at how stunning it is!

Aitutaki Lagoon

The best way to discover this tropical oasis is to go island hopping.

There are a few ways to do this. What most people do is taking a lagoon cruise. This is a full-day affair that typically includes snorkeling with giant trevallies, BBQ lunch, and visiting the famous One Foot Island in the Cook Islands! Popular lagoon cruise operators include Vaka Cruise and Bishops Cruises.

Aitutaki Lagoon

Swimming with giant trevally

For the ultimate privacy and enjoyment, we recommend hiring a private charter. You can choose half- or full-day tour, and the captain will take you to more secluded islands, away from the crowds. You can contact Sailing Aitutaki, Bishops Cruises, Teking, Kia Orana Cruises if interested.

4| Take Part in Island Night Cultural Show

Island nights are popular for those who want to immerse themselves in authentic Cook Island culture.

This is your opportunity to feast on a sumptuous Polynesian buffet and enjoy traditional music and dancing by local Aitutakians!

Island Night at Tamanu Aitutaki

Island Night at Tamanu

Islands Nights are available every Wednesday night at Pacific Resort Aitutaki and Thursday night at Tamanu Beach Resort. Reservation is highly recommended.

5| Try Water Sport Activities

There are all sorts of water sports activities you can indulge in. Believe it or not, Aitutaki is the perfect place to try scuba diving, kitesurfing, and windsurfing!

6| Go Fishing

Why not give fishing a try? If you’re lucky, you can take home a tasty fare!

The fact that you can catch gigantic yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, and wahoo makes Aitutaki (or the Cook Islands in general) a fisherman’s dream.

7| Join the Punarei Cultural Tour

Follow the local field Archaeologist and explore the sacred sites of Aitutaki! On the tour, you will learn about the traditional cooking process using Umu (eath-oven), and enjoy scenic views of the lagoon on the highest point of Mt Maungapu!

Tours operate on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Private tours are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki is a dream destination for a love escape. Are you ready to plan your next romantic getaway?


Romantic Hotel Aitutaki for a Luxury Beach Escape



Best Luxury Beachfront Hotel in Aitutaki for Honeymoon Couples


Disclaimer: This post is written in partnership with Pacific Resort Aitutaki. As always, all opinions on For Two, Please are our own and We only recommend brands that we 100% stand behind.

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  1. Cook Islands is a new one on my radar. I had only heard of it one other time before reading your post. I now want to visit…that water, yes please! And the luxury and relaxation look phenomenal too! Maybe the Pacific Resort Aitutaki is where we should consider going for our next anniversary. Is there a “best time to go” or a time “not to go”? And nope, wifi shouldn’t be needed on a trip like that, but there is that stupid pull of having to connect! I would be all in for the Aquatic Eco Trail and snorkeling and taking a lagoon cruise-that looks amazing and your photo of the aqua water against the blue sky is beautiful. This truly looks like the perfect getaway that my husband is always looking for-downtime, beautiful, relaxing!

  2. This looks like a super duper relaxing vacation, and a 9/10 romantic factor. The older I get the more I feel like going to the more relaxing paces with traveling might be what I want to do…..eventually, lol. It is hard for me to slow down on vacation, but this looks like a place that would force me to do so, which is really what I need.

  3. This looks amazing! That water is stunning and so clear – it always blows my mind to see clear water despite how many times I see it. And, no, you don’t need Wi-Fi when you’re with your loved one in paradise 😉

  4. Happy Anniversary

    Cook Islands have been on our watch list for some time. They seem like a real tropical paradise. So does Aitutaki. 27 bungalows spread out in the jungle next to a blue lagoon. Yup. That’s the sort of thing that makes you forgive your love for losing the GoPro and their wedding ring in the same month.

  5. The resort looks incredible!!! I love how private it seems. I’d love that. But I wouldn’t want to be totally removed from everything else, so would love the chance to explore the other islands and enjoy Island Night and a cultural show. What a great getaway!

  6. You seriously know how to pick the hotels. Pacific Resort looks and sounds amazing, particularly for a romantic getaway like an anniversary. I’m so glad you are writing about your trip, too, because I’d never even heard of Cook Islands before you went!! Looking forward to any other posts you do about your trip. OH, and happy anniversary 🙂 Maybe I will send this to Dan and convince him to go to Cook Islands with my next year, haha!

  7. The Pacific Resort Aitutaki looks very special. The Cook Islands are a dream honeymoon destination, (the water looks amazing!) and this resort, with its lovely bungalows and villas would give a couple that space to themselves that everyone wants. I also loved to hear that the restaurant will arrange private beach dining for a couple.

  8. What a wonderful spot. I love that there are limited bungalows and access to different places on the lagoon with their own wildlife. It’s so luxurious too. Should I get there, this resort is my goal. Happy anniversary, dear Cat.

  9. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in The Marquesas Islands, but have not gotten to the “other side” of that region where the Cooks are – I have wanted to for more than a decade! I love the Small Luxury Hotel franchise – they really do know how to take care of you and I would absolutely not mind not having wifi in a place like that!

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  11. Love your list so much and all the photos looks so amazingly gorgeous. I enjoyed alot reading this post

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