Plan Your Own Quebec City Food Tour By Hitting These 13 Spots

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Not only is Quebec City a wonderfully romantic place to visit in the summer, it is also the perfect destination for gourmet travelers. If you love to eat, this guide on Quebec’s traditional food and the best restaurants to try them in Quebec City is for you! Feel free to use the information to plan your own Quebec City food tour!

Quebec City Food Tour

Best Food and Restaurants to Try in Quebec City

Follow this map and let’s get started!

Stop #1 | Paillard

A healthy start helps you have a better day, especially when traveling.

For the best breakfast in Quebec City, look no further than Paillard. This French bakery serves a large delicious selection of bread and baked goods that can’t be ignored.

They are best known for their croissants. Baked to a golden perfection, the croissants are tender and butter on the inside with a crispy exterior that gives you a satisfying crunch when you bite into it.

Paillard Quebec City Food Tour

Combine it with egg, ham, cheese and hollandaise sauce – there, you have the perfect sandwich for breakfast!

Stop #2 | Snack Bar Saint-Jean

Poutine is an iconic food to try when visiting Quebec.

You can find so many variations of poutine nowadays: the super-comforting meatball poutine, sinfully delicious foie gras poutine, or the scrumptious lobster poutine, just to name a few.

But to know what poutine really tastes like, you gotta try the traditional poutine without all that fancy toppings.

Thick-cut french fries topped with brown gravy and squeaky-fresh cheese curds, it is difficult to not be a fan of this French-Canadian staple.

Quebec City Food Tour Best Poutine

classic poutine

In Quebec City, locals consider Snack Bar Saint-Jean the best place for authentic poutine. They use original recipe that guarantees to hit the spot. The crunch of the fries, savoury taste of the gravy, and springy cheese curds that squeak between your teeth – it’s perfection in every bite! It is not hard to understand why poutine has become one of the popular foods in Quebec.

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Stop #3 | Le Billig

Quebec’s food culture is greatly influenced by French cuisine. So it’s no surprise to find famous French dishes in Quebec. Crepe is one example.

Quebec City Food Tour creperie

savory crepe paired with cider

Make a stop at Le Billig, the best creperie in Quebec city. This charming and intimate crepe-bistro serves a mouth-watering selection of savoury buckwheat crepes and dessert crepes. Pair yours with a local cider, and you’ve got all things to feed the body and the soul!

Stop #4 | La Buche

To eat like a Quebecois, don’t miss La Buche.

Decorated like a sugar shack, this hip and funky spot in Old Quebec will give you a taste of traditional French-Canadian cuisine with a modern spin. Signature dishes include smoked salmon, deer tartare, and rabbit wings! Haha, yes, rabbit “wings.” That was definitely an adventurous attempt, but they weren’t as tasty as chicken wings.

Quebec City La Buche

rabbit wings

While you’re there, try a shot of Kalibu (their homemade Caribou). This sweet alcoholic beverage, typically served at the Quebec Winter Carnival, contains a mix of red wine, hard liquor, maple syrup, and spices.

Before you leave, stop by their wacky washroom. We won’t judge you if you actually make a video of your bathroom visit 😛

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Stop #5 | Bistro Tournebroche

More and more restaurants focus on using locally sourced organic ingredients. This is especially true at Bistro Tournebroche.

Under the guidance of Chef Stephane Roth, this classy French restaurant is highly committed to using as many local and organic products as possible in the kitchen. Herbs and vegetables are grown in their own rooftop gardens. They even have their own beehives!

Quebec City Food Tour Honey Beehives

Everything is made from scratch here at Tournebroche, from bread, sauces, to ice cream. You can totally tell because all that efforts reflect in the wonderful taste of the dishes. No wonder it’s one of the best places to eat in Quebec City.

Quebec City Food Tour

wild boar pate

We highly recommend their wild boar pate, shepherd’s pie, and deconstructed french onion soup. They are so addicting, you won’t want to share!

Stop #6 | Chez Boulay

Want to try something different? Consider Chez Boulay.

Located on the busy street of Saint-Jean, this trendy bistro whips up Nordic dishes with fresh ingredients that are unique to the region. Not only will you see elk, trout and Labrador tea spice being used creatively in dishes, you will also appreciate what nature can bring to the table.

Chez Boulay Best Restaurant in Quebec City Canada

meat cheek

While the plates reflect Quebec culinary traditions, Chefs Jean-Luc Boulay and Arnaud Marchand surprise the guests with dashes of international influences. The menu is filled with flavorful creations. The cappuccino onion soup and meat cheek are sure to make your mouth water!

Stop #7 | Le Chic Shack

Looking for the best poutine in Quebec City? Check out Le Chic Shack.

Different from Snack Bar Saint-Jean, Le Chic Shack is known for their unconventional poutine creations. Whether you like it with plain veggie or heavy meat flavoured, there are plenty of options here.

Best Poutine Quebec City

la braisee

Our top pick is La Braisee. The combination of braised beef, parmesan and cheese curds provides richness, and the pickled onions and horseradish aioli lighten it all up, striking a perfect balance. Seriously, there’s no better place to indulge in a plate full of Canada’s best guilty pleasure!

Stop #8 | Chez Muffy

If you could pick one, and only one, place to eat in Quebec City, go with Chez Muffy.

This French-Canadian, farmhouse-inspired restaurant is considered by many as one of the best restaurants in Quebec for good reasons.

With a menu showcasing classic French Canadian cuisine, this highly acclaimed restaurant serves up unapologetically delicious dishes. From pan seared foie gras to beef carpaccio, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. For the best experience possible, try their venison pie and oxtail daube that demonstrate their slow-cooking techniques and have an amazing depth of flavour!

Chez Muffy Best Restaurant in Quebec City Canada

pan seared duck foie gras

Set within one of Quebec City’s most historically-known buildings, Chez Muffy is no doubt a place for a special occasion, or a place to impress that special someone on your romantic trip to Quebec City. Make the meal extra sweet (and special) with maple whiskey. 

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Stop #9 | L’Echaude

L’Echaude, in the Lower Town of Old Quebec, displays a menu of classic French fare that is carefully prepared fresh local produces.

Echaude Quebec Cit

black pudding

Each dish comes beautifully plated and tastes as wonderful as it looks. Their salmon tartare has earned high praises, but you’ll also want to sample their signature homemade black pudding with potatoes confit and foie gras sauce!

Stop #10 | Bistro Sous Le Fort

While you’re in the Lower Town, stop by Bistro Sous Le Fort for a quick bite.

Bistro Sous Le Fort French Restaurant in Quebec City

duck leg, elk sausage, wild boar egg roll platter

Hidden in the historical Quartier Petit-Champlain, this charming French restaurant in Quebec City is where you can enjoy simple French culinary delights. Crowd favourites include duck confit, wild boar egg rolls and elk sausage.

Don’t forget the ice cider. This sweet fermented beverage made from frozen apples is an excellent complement to cheese and foie gras or can be enjoyed on its own!

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Stop #11 | Delices Erable & Cie

You can’t leave Quebec without sample delicious maple products!

Get a free one-of-a-kind tasting at Delices Erable & Cie, where you can discover maple in various different forms. Whether it is the classic maple syrup or the unique maple vinegar pearls, you will see the many ways to serve up maple goodness!

Quebec City Food Tour maple product

maple product tasting

At the Quebec City location, there’s also a maple museum on the second floor. There, you can find educational information about maple history, harvest process, and artifacts.

With over 60 maple products, it is definitely a good place to buy souvenirs!

Stop #12 | Erico Chocolatier

Another great place for a sweet tooth is Erico Chocolatier.

Quebec City Food Tour chocolatier

Part chocolate museum and part retail store, Erico sells artisanal chocolate products that promise to conquer your taste buds. Besides fine chocolates, they also offer enticing brownies, biscuits, cakes as well as a selection of hot chocolates. It’s truly a chocolate lover’s fantasy land!

At the museum side, you can find a detailed explanation on the complete cocoa to chocolate process and quicky chocolate displays.

Stop #13 | Chocolats Favoris

Ice cream, anyone? Chocolats Favoris has got you covered!

This Quebec-City based chocolatier and creamery brings a dessert sensation like no other. They are known for their high-quality artisanal chocolate, but the true star is their chocolate-dipped ice cream, available in 12 different flavours – all packed with sinful goodness!!

Hungry yet? We hope this post has inspired you to get out and explore the traditional food in Quebec City! Use the Google Map at the top of this post to guide you through. If you’ve found other great places to eat, feel free to add/modify the map!


Quebec City is a popular destination for foodies! There are so many popular food to try in Quebec City. Click through to find out the best restaurants to try them and learn how to plan your own Quebec City food tour! #quebeccity #quebec #travealcanada #travelguide #tripplanning #traveltips #itinerary #thingstodo #foodtour #foodie #foodies



Quebec City is one of the top destinations for food lovers! Want to plan your own Quebec City food tour? This travel guide highlights traditional food to try and the best places to eat in Quebec City. Click through to read more on For Two, Please now! #quebeccity #quebec #travealcanada #travelguide #tripplanning #traveltips #itinerary #thingstodo #foodtour #foodie #foodies


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  1. What a lovely selection of restaurants! I would love to try the Black Pudding at L’Echaude, looks pretty awesome. Also, I am experimental with food so although I am not sure I’d like elk, I think for the sake of experimentation, I might want to pay a visit to Bistro Sous Le Fort for the elk sausages and wild boar egg rolls. Saint-Jean’s traditional poutine also seems to be a good idea, especially if you’re in Quebec!

  2. I clearly missed out on my trip to Quebec,we stayed at the Fremont and ate there as it was a flying visit. I don’t remember it being spectacular but these dishes definitely do. I’m not sure about poutine though even though everyone said we should try it! There were too many other wonderful things to try 

  3. Ugh, I’m hungry and frustrated at the same time.

    Hungry because, obviously, i’m looking at all these pics.

    and frustrated because I want to eat my computer screen.

    About to search for the nearest restaurant that makes poutines in 3…2….1….

  4. My mouth’s watering after reading this! My favourite is the Bistro, just because they have their own beehive; it doesn’t get any better than that! I also love a good croissant to start the day, so would stop by Paillard to grab a freshly baked one.

  5. Looks like s foodies paradise. Quebec is on my list to visit and your post does help I must say. Your post gives all the Des tails of the best plane to visit for food and what is a holiday without good food. Chez Boulay looks interesting to me with local dishes.  The Eric chocolatiers finishes it off perfect with a sweet smile   Great photos and some interesting places. Thanks for sharing. 

  6. Wow Quebec is having delicious food options. Your post makes me hungry as all options are very tempting. Those thick cut French Fries with dollops of thick curd are my favorites. Erico Chocolates also look exotic ones.

  7. This food tour looks like a wonderful way to become familiar with Quebec City! I’d love to do something like this where you organize it on your own so that you can spend as much time as you want in each place. I think if I visit Quebec City I’m going to have to go on a diet after, because I seriously want to eat everything that you mentioned. In particular, all the croissants, chocolate, and poutine!

  8. To get a really immersive experience of a city, one needs to experience the local food. Quebec seems to have a wide range of eateries serving some delectable cuisine. Also, it is good to go on a food tour on your own as you have the freedom to plan your itinerary. The list given by you is really wide and interesting. I was riveted to the Croissants of Paillard and tempted by the chocolates of Erico Chocolatier.

  9. Those are some really mouthwatering delicacies , which I would love to hog on. Being a foodie myself, I love to try out local cuisines whenever I travel to a new place. Definitely doing a gourmet food trail, based on your recommendations, when I visit Quebec. 

  10. I love food tours and Quebec City seems like the perfect place for it, Cat! I am saving your post so I can add all these restaurants when planning my itinerary!

  11. Quebec City is most definitely a foodie city and I loved eating my way through it! My favorites on your list were Snack Bar Saint-John (because of the traditional poutine), Bistro Tournebroche (loved it so much I went twice), Le Chic Shack for the nontraditional poutine (I’m a HUGE poutine fan). Bistro Sous Le Fort was also somewhere I went twice on the same trip for their amazing salmon and maple syrup pie! This is a fabulous list of must-eats!!

  12. Ahh Cat you are really bringing me back to WITS and our time in Quebec!! I didn’t get a chance to go to any of these places listed… The Chic Shack was high on my list but I didn’t make it there. Next time!!

  13. It all looks delicious! I had poutine at the Snack Bar. Best in Quebec, I think. I liked the Chic Shack, too. What I didn’t try, but wanted to, was rabbit. I saw it on several menus, and had it growing up, but it’s been a long time. The rabbit “wings” look delicious.

  14. I’m 100% planning to get to Quebec in 2019 and I will be ALL about the food. It is a destination that has been on my list for a while. As a Francophile I absolutely do not want to miss any food opportunities while I am there and you’ve got a great list here to get me started. Heck and probably to get me finished as well!

  15. I came home from Quebec already a few pounds heavier than when I left. Glad I didn’t do this food tour or I couldn’t have fit in the airplane seat! Just kidding. Everything looks so delicious. Amazing about the beehive too. I just need to return.

  16. Quebec is such a foodie city. I love your food photography too. I can almost imagine eating those rabbit legs and black pudding. Don’t worry though, we will not judge you for filming in the bathroom of La Buche. We might rant at you a bit in French, but definitely not judge.

  17. Yummo! I have dreams about Canadian poutine haha. That looks delish! I love the map too so I know where to go first. Thanks for this!

  18. Who knew that Quebec was so diverse in its foodie tourism! The maple museum was very intriguing for sure, but the Nordic dishes sold me! I am currently having a fetish for all things Norway and may be going this next year. Who knows, maybe I will even be coming up to Quebec sometime soon!

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